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Blind Betrayal is a Brotherhood of Steel main quest and achievement/trophy in Fallout 4.

Quick walkthroughEdit

Brotherhood of Steel main quest: Blind Betrayal
Speak to Elder Maxson.
Speak to Proctor Quinlan.
Follow and speak to Scribe Haylen.
Find Paladin Danse in Listening Post Bravo.
Execute Danse.
Convince Danse to leave the Commonwealth.
Leave Listening Post Bravo.
Confront Elder Maxson.
Let Maxson execute Danse.
Execute Danse.
Convince Maxson to spare Danse.
Speak to Danse.
Report back to the Prydwen.
Reward: 350 XP
Rank of Paladin
Power armor
Leads to: Tactical Thinking

Detailed walkthroughEdit

After completing Liberty Reprimed, the Sole Survivor is ordered to report to the Prydwen immediately. Once aboard Elder Maxson confronts the Survivor, demanding to know if they were aware Paladin Danse was a synth. He reveals that the network hack on the Institute's mainframe provided indisputable proof Danse is not human, but instead is a construct by the unit designation M7-97. The Survivor is then given several medium-difficulty persuasion checks to convince Elder Maxson they did not know Danse's true nature.

The Sole Survivor is then ordered to find Danse, who has gone AWOL, and execute him. The Survivor meets with Proctor Quinlan to work out a way to track Danse down, but they are interrupted by Scribe Haylen. Haylen then pulls the Survivor aside, makes a plea to the Survivor on Danse's behalf, and directs them to a previously decided upon fallback location: Listening Post Bravo.

After dispatching the security measures (two exterior turrets, one exterior protectron, and three additional protectrons down the elevator), the Survivor locates Danse inside the bunker. There they must decide how to proceed.

Plan A: The Last DanseEdit

The Survivor may execute Danse with or without speaking to him; alternatively one can just let him commit suicide. On his body they will find a synth component and Danse's holotags. Collect the tags, return to the Prydwen, and inform Elder Maxson the deed is done.

Plan B: One Last DanseEdit

Refuse to execute Danse. Danse will protest, insisting synths are abominations and that he must be made an example of. Passing a medium-level persuasion check will convince him he is no threat to humanity and he should flee the Commonwealth. Danse gives the Survivor his holotags to appease Maxson.

Exit the bunker. Elder Maxson is waiting outside, having followed the Survivor for fear they would prove insubordinate. From here there are three options:

  • Concede to Maxson and kill Danse. Danse will submit peacefully.
  • Fail to convince Maxson to spare Danse OR request he perform the execution himself. Maxson will kill Danse.
  • Persuade Maxson to let Danse live. Maxson will reluctantly agree, but will exile Danse from the Brotherhood. As a known synth, Danse will be fired upon on sight by Brotherhood soldiers.

After a begrudging agreement, the Sole Survivor is left with Danse. One can:

  • Tell him to stay (he remains in the Commonwealth).
  • Beckon him to accompany the Sole Survivor as a companion.

Whatever decision is made, return to the Prydwen. Speak to Maxson to receive the rank of Paladin. The Sole Survivor will also be given all of Paladin Danse's belongings, including his living quarters (the room marked "Prydwen Quarters" which is locked before this quest) and his personal set of T-60d power armor.

Quest stagesEdit

StageStatusDescriptionLog Entry
10 Speak to Elder MaxsonI've been informed that Elder Maxson has an urgent mission for me and I should report to him on the Prydwen immediately.
20 Speak to Proctor QuinlanAccording to Elder Maxson, Paladin Danse is actually an Institute Synth in disguise and needs to be executed. Unfortunately, Danse has disappeared but Proctor Quinlan might have a way to track him down.
30 Follow Scribe Haylen
40 Speak to Scribe Haylen
50 Travel to Listening Post BravoScribe Haylen has told me that I'm likely to find Paladin Danse at Listening Post Bravo. She's also pleaded with me not to kill him without letting him tell his side of the story. I'll have to decide when I arrive at the bunker.
60 Locate Paladin Danse
70 Speak to Paladin Danse
80 Execute Paladin DanseI've decided that I have no choice but to execute Paladin Danse. All that remains is pulling the trigger.
90 Retrieve Paladin Danse's HolotagsPaladin Danse is dead. I should retrieve his holotags to use as proof of his demise.
110 Report to Elder Maxson (Danse dead)Paladin Danse is dead. I should return to Elder Maxson and inform him that my mission is complete.
120 Exit Listening Post Bravo (Danse alive)I've decided to allow Paladin Danse to live, but he needs to flee the Commonwealth immediately. I should escort him outside the bunker to make sure he leaves safely.
130 Speak to Elder Maxson
140 Execute Paladin DanseAfter being confronted by Elder Maxson outside of Listening Post Bravo, I've decided to obey his orders and execute Paladin Danse.
150 Maxson kills Danse
160 Speak to Paladin Danse (Danse spared)
170 Speak to Elder Maxson (Danse killed)Paladin Danse is dead. I should speak to Elder Maxson as soon as possible.
180 Speak to Elder Maxson on the Prydwen (Danse dead or alive)Elder Maxson has agreed to spare Paladin Danse, but he's no longer welcome with the Brotherhood. Danse has decided to set up camp at Listening Post Bravo. I should now return to the Prydwen for debriefing.
255Quest finishedIcon checkQuest completeWith Danse's situation resolved, Elder Maxson has promoted me to Paladin and awarded me a full suit of Paladin's Power Armor which I can find on the Prydwen's Main Deck.
355Quest failedIcon crossQuest failed


  • Caution: completing this quest will automatically start Tactical Thinking which will make any interactions with PAM impossible until that quest has been completed or failed. This means you will be unable to turn in or obtain any of her side/radiant quests.
  • It is impossible to reach the highest level of affinity with Danse until after you have turned in and completed this quest; assuming he survives it.
  • Depending on which companion is accompanying the Sole Survivor, they will give out some unique dialogue on the situation.
    • Cait will agree with Maxson on killing Danse as she believes he has been lying to the Sole Survivor about his identity. She'll also wonder if everyone can feel safe with the Institute "churnin' out copies of people."
    • Codsworth will defend Danse saying that they don't easily jump to kill people for short reasons.
    • Curie goes against Maxson saying it isn't right for him to ask the Sole Survivor to kill Danse with the relationship between the two and imply that the Brotherhood is ungrateful due to all that Danse has served and it shouldn't matter if he is a synth.
    • Deacon will defend Danse saying that despite the fact that he may be an aggressive person he is still the Sole Survivor's friend. He later says that "This is what the Brotherhood's really about."
    • Hancock tells Maxson that if he wants Danse to die, then he should do it himself. He later calls the Brotherhood unloyal for betraying Danse after he spent his whole life with them.
    • Nick defends Danse saying that he isn't the guilty one in the situation and Maxson's orders are not justice. He later wonders how Danse feels about himself after finding out that he has been a synth his whole life without the knowledge.
    • Piper defends Danse saying that he hasn't even done anything to harm the Brotherhood and later finds it unbelievable that Danse is a synth. She later says that the Sole Survivor should not follow orders from a "lunatic."
    • Preston defends Danse saying that Maxson's orders don't make sense and that Danse shouldn't be killed just because he "might" be a synth. He later believes no one is safe if the Institute is able to infiltrate the Brotherhood of Steel.
    • MacCready instantly agrees with Maxson about Danse just because of the fact that he is a synth. He later claims that he isn't surprised that Danse is a synth due to his lack of emotion. He also tells the Sole Survivor that they can't risk letting Danse live because if the Brotherhood finds out then they will become targets.
    • Strong wants Danse to die just so he can see someone be killed.
    • X6-88 remains neutral in the situation as he himself hunts synths and is surprised that he didn't even know that Danse was a synth. Later he says that the Sole Survivor should let Danse live as killing him would be a waste of valuable assets.
  • It's fine if one fails the speech-check with Maxson at the beginning of the quest as he will just give the player character another chance to try again. Even if that fails, the conversation will lead to "Has it ever occurred to you that Danse might not be aware of his identity?" to which a somewhat surprised Maxson replies "No, it had not" and then proceeds to grant you the quest as usual.
  • Be careful when fast-traveling to the Listening Post Bravo; the turrets will shoot right after loading.
  • Curie likes if one agrees with Scribe Haylen to hear Danse out, loves if one refuses to execute him and likes if one tells him Maxson is wrong. In the confrontation between Maxson and Danse, she loves if the player character asks him to give them a chance and likes if they convince Maxson to let Danse go free. In addition, Preston, Piper, X6-88, Nick, Deacon and Codsworth will like it if the player character tells Maxson that he is wrong, but Cait, MacCready and Strong will dislike it.
  • When asked about her thoughts directly after accepting the quest, Piper will react as if it has already been completed.
  • Although MacCready will dislike any response other than "With Pleasure" (which he likes) when responding to Elder Maxson's order to kill Danse, and he likes it if Danse is killed, if one asks him for his thoughts afterward, he will be disgusted and say it was "low" of you to have killed him (no reputation penalty.)
  • In the room where the player character meets Danse, there are two packs of Grape Mentats located on a console table. Using these before beginning the dialogue will allow the player character to pass the persuasion check even with low base Charisma.
  • Completing this quest (by speaking to Elder Maxson on the Prydwen) will send the player character to Captain Kells, which will automatically start the next quest, Tactical Thinking, causing P.A.M. to go into "lockdown" and stopping the player character from speaking to her to receive or hand in quests, stopping them from completing Railroad side quest chains.
  • If one attempts to finish the quest by speaking to Elder Maxson aboard the Prydwen while the 'Inform the Brotherhood' objective of The Battle of Bunker Hill is active, they will warn him of the Institute's plan instead.
  • It seems that there was an alternative route to this quest cut from the final version of the game that would have allowed Danse to stay in the Brotherhood. Unused audio files suggest that the player character would convince Danse to challenge Maxson's authority as Elder, which is settled in combat as was written in a litany in the Brotherhood Codex. This would lead to the Sole Survivor being named the new Elder, while Danse gives a speech to the troops that he will not hesitate to destroy his own kind if it means destroying the Institute.
  • It appears that the death of Paladin Danse is a scripted event at certain points in this quest. For instance, when meeting Elder Maxson outside the bunker, if the player character elects to kill Maxson before Danse is executed, Danse will automatically die. This will still occur even if Elder Maxson is out of melee range. Danse will also automatically die if one completes the Defend the Castle quest without completing Blind Betrayal first.
  • If you decided to spare Danse, when he travels with you, you will be enemies with the Brotherhood of Steel. Bringing him to the airport or to the Prydwen will cause all of the brotherhood soldiers to be hostile. Also dismissing Danse to a settlement and then calling a Brotherhood Vertibird to the settlement may result in a battle between Danse and the settlers and the Vertibird.


  • xboxoneIcon xboxone Once completed, after talking to Elder Maxson, he will attack you which causes the rest of the Brotherhood to attack you as well. [verification overdue]
  • pcIcon pc ps4Icon ps4 xboxoneIcon xboxone Once Elder Maxson arrives in the Vertibird after exiting the listening post, he starts walking off into the distance making it very difficult to enter dialogue with him. One potential fix is to continually step in front of him and prevent him from moving too far away from Danse, allowing Danse to be spared or executed by Maxson. If he does get away, the quest can be completed by executing Danse personally and finding Maxson to the north and briefly talking to him to return him to his quarters. Alternatively, on PC, select Maxson in the console and use the tc command to take control of him to stop him walking away and complete the dialogue. Use the tc command again to return him back to AI control. You may need to use to return control to the player if you use this method.[verified]
  • pcIcon pc If the Defend the Castle quest is in progress, pending an attack from the Institute, you can still complete this quest but there can be some bugs. First, the quest marker will be tracking Danse as opposed to directing you to Listening Post Bravo. However, console commands (PRID for Danse and then moveto.player) can be used to summon Danse to the bunker at Listening Post Bravo. You will need to summon him again when you come up again before the final confrontation with Maxson. When Maxson speaks to you, Danse will start running in what looks like the direction of Sanctuary. Unfortunately, this can easily trigger Maxson to give up on the conversation and 'execute' Danse (he moves forward and makes an execution motion where Danse should be standing). The only way found to fix this is to rapidly click through dialogue. Upon completion, you MUST talk with Danse before returning to defend the castle, otherwise the request will fail. This is difficult because Danse is running away, and the console command to bring him to you no longer works. A tracking mod can be used to catch up with Danse, or alternatively you could try manually heading east in the hope you will find him on your journey or at Sanctuary. You can complete the quest by chatting to him and if you invite him to stay with you, he will show up at whichever settlement you last sent him to. [verified]
  • ps4Icon ps4 pcIcon pc If the Institute is destroyed by the Minutemen, Elder Maxson will say he is busy and will refuse to speak to the player, therefore he cannot give the quest. Also in the police station, Scribe Haylen's dialog will suggest you have completed the quest even if you haven't. Danse will remain in any settlement the player has left him in and he will continue his normal dialog and will stay in his power armor.[verified]
  • pcIcon pc Upon exiting Listening Post Bravo with Danse (having refused to kill him), the dialogue in which you have the option to either execute Danse or persuade Elder Maxson to let him live may be skipped altogether, resulting in the immediate execution of Danse by Maxson. [verified]
  • xboxoneIcon xboxone If you already have a set of power armor on the rack Danse's suit defaults to, his will not appear (although the inventory screen will flicker when you look at it). However, if you enter the suit you will enter Danse's - leaving your old one behind.[verified]
  • xboxoneIcon xboxone If Paladin Danse was your companion when starting Blind Betrayal, he may still be invincible when you encounter him in the bunker. One potential fix is to convince him to live, then hand the execution order to Elder Maxson, which will result in the quest progressing.[verified]
  • ps4Icon ps4 xboxoneIcon xboxone Upon arrival at the bunker, Danse may be wearing no clothes, may be due to upgrading Danse's power armor. Any upgraded components will not be available on the suit of power armor retrieved from the bay in the Prydwen.[verified]
    • This can also occur if Danse's BOS Uniform was unequipped while trading gear with him. The uniform can't be re-equipped after removing, resulting in Danse wearing just his underwear under his power armor and, thus, just underwear during his cut-scenes in Blind Betrayal.
  • ps4Icon ps4 If you've been caught stealing from Scribe Haylen prior to her interrupting your conversation with Quinlan, and she becomes aggressive to you and your companion decapitates her, she will appear invisible in the room during the Quinlan conversation. She will only be selectable in VATS if you target the cat or Quinlan first, then change targets to her. She will not respond in conversation and there is no known fix other than reverting to an earlier save file. [verification overdue]

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