Bleed Me Dry

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Bleed Me Dry is a side quest in Fallout: New Vegas.

Quick walkthrough

Side Quest: Bleed Me Dry
Enter The Thorn and talk to Red Lucy.
Collect radscorpion eggs.
Collect fire gecko eggs.
Collect nightstalker eggs.
Collect cazador eggs.
Collect deathclaw eggs.
Return to Red Lucy
Reward:Dinner Bell, a hunting revolver, a hunting rifle, 1650 XP, 5200 caps (6400 with 90 Barter), and the ability to sleep with Red Lucy

Detailed walkthrough

Red Lucy is looking for a "hunter" to find new creatures for the Thorn and also for that hunter to sexually please her. She will send you on a series of quests to find eggs of different creatures.


Your first assignment is to acquire giant mantis eggs. Lucy marks Vault 22 on your map; if it's already been cleared, then the quest is easier to complete. The mantis eggs will only spawn after you speak to Red Lucy and initiate the quest. While in the vault, be careful of the spore carriers and spore plants. In order to get to the eggs on level three, you must locate the cave door keycard in the common area. It is on a shelf in the first bedroom on the left after you pass through the door labeled "Quarters" on the lower level, across the area from the door labeled "Utility". Also, you can collect 12 normal mantis eggs; they will turn to pile of mantis eggs in your inventory. After taking the eggs, you will need to present them to Red Lucy back at The Thorn. You will receive 200 caps, and there will be a Barter challenge (50 Barter to pass) to get her to pay you 300 instead. You have to ask her what to do next to unlock the next part of the quest.

Here is an alternate route to get to the eggs without having to get the key card: Repair the elevator and take it down to the Pest Control level. Upon exiting the elevator, take your first left and go up the stairs, then take the door to Food Production in the room at the top. Go forward at the tunnel intersection; there will be a few mantises at the end of this path, guarding the giant mantis eggs.


The next part is to collect radscorpion eggs near Goodsprings Cemetery. There will be at least 4-6 radscorpions there, many of the giant variety. Collect the pile of radscorpion eggs created for this quest. Looking down from the hill that houses Goodsprings Cemetery, the egg clutch is practically due east, and can be seen through a long range scope. Just like before, after collecting the eggs, you will bring them back to Red Lucy for 300 reward caps and a hunting rifle with some ammunition. Another barter challenge (60 barter to pass) can be used to instead receive 400 caps.

Fire gecko

Then, she will tell you to go search the Ireteba Peaks for fire gecko eggs, specifically at the unmarked location, Bootjack cavern. Fast travel to Novac, it will be the easiest route. Once inside the cave, you will have to defeat approximately 10-14 fire geckos. A pile of fire gecko eggs can also be located in the cave. After receiving the eggs, take them back to Red Lucy for 500 caps, or 700 caps with a Barter check (70 to pass).

Night stalker

The searching gets tougher as your next challenge will be nightstalker eggs. You will need to go to Bloodborne Cave. After entering the cave, make a left and drop down to the lower level. Ahead is a camp fire surrounded by skeletons. The pile of nightstalker eggs can be found just beyond that. If you have the Animal Friend perk, you can just waltz right in and take the eggs without firing a shot - watch out for fire geckos when you come out though. After leaving return to Red Lucy. She gives 700 caps, or 1000 caps, a hunting revolver, and some ammunition if you pass a Barter speech (80 Barter to pass) challenge.

An alternate method is to obtain 12 nightstalker eggs. After collecting the 12 eggs, the game will "convert" them into a "pile" of eggs like those found in the areas Red Lucy suggests to the player.


Next on your list, go to Red Rock Canyon and find cazador eggs. The route from Red Rock Canyon features a difficult to climb hill, but you can do it if you stick to your left. An easier approach is from Jacobstown or the Remnants Bunker. The path after this can be difficult as you'll face three different groups of 4-5 cazadores, varying from normal cazadores to young ones. Be sure to search the area around the cazador egg nest. Find a dead super mutant master with different types of ammunition and a Fat Man on his body. After taking the pile of cazador eggs, return to Red Lucy for more caps and for your final egg-collection task. She gives 1000 caps, or 1500 if you pass another Barter speech challenge (90 Barter to pass).

  • There are a few apparent paths out of Red Rock Canyon in the general direction of the quest arrow. If you stand on the ridge directly west of the Khans' "beat down" circle, take the path to the west-southwest, not the one to the south. The correct path is the one through the tiny pool of water; there should be three Khan tents on your left as you leave the camp.
  • If you take the path to the south and then try to walk up the impossible cliff in the direction of the quest arrow, you may get stuck in such a way that you are considered to be "falling" and therefore cannot fast travel away. You will have to reload a previous save.
  • A far easier approach is to travel from the Remnants Bunker (if you haven’t discovered that location yet, it is easily reached from Ranger Station Foxtrot). If you fast travel to Foxtrot, head north down the pathway leading from the camp. As the pathway turns northwest, look to your left and there will be an opening in the terrain. That will take you past the Remnants Bunker and all the way to the cazador nest quickly and with very little difficulty. This route has a lot of open space for long ranged kills, making it probably the best option for a stealthy sniper type of character.


Now is the final test. You will have two options on this challenge: either go to Quarry Junction or to Dead Wind Cavern.

  • At Quarry Junction, you will be greeted by one young deathclaw, six deathclaws, one deathclaw alpha male, and four deathclaw babies being lead by a very powerful deathclaw mother. As you would assume, the mother deathclaw and the deathclaw babies are at the egg site. Taking out the males can be done one by one but not the mother and babies. If you already eliminated Quarry Junction's deathclaws, they will not respawn, and the egg clutch will be waiting for you at the site.
    • Note that an alternate route is through the pass by Vault 19 and by the Great Khan Encampment. Walk down the cliffs towards the quarry and you should end up right on top of the eggs. If done right and at night, it is possible to steal the eggs without killing a single deathclaw, though you will usually face at least 1 deathclaw. The Deathclaw Mother will be "wandering" Quarry Junction with her offspring from 1 to around 6AM.
  • At Dead Wind Cavern you will face many deathclaws in close quarters, with 2 young deathclaws at the cave entrance. Inside there are at least 4 young and 7 adult deathclaws, as well as 1 deathclaw mother and the legendary deathclaw, the third most powerful enemy in the whole game. It is worth pointing out that some of the deathclaws, namely two adult and the legendary deathclaw, can be avoided if you just want the eggs. Although, killing them gets you access to Mercy, the unique grenade machine gun, and Brotherhood T-45d power armor in the last chamber after the first one with the eggs.
    • Note that even if you have very recently cleared out Dead Wind Cavern, the deathclaws don't respawn for the quest but they do respawn soon after you clear it out. Luckily, the legendary deathclaw does not respawn.
  • Once you have the eggs, go back to Red Lucy and collect your reward (2500 caps, no Barter challenge) and the unique hunting shotgun, Dinner Bell.


After finishing the quest, you can finally sleep with Red Lucy. She will lead you to her chambers, where she will turn on her lights, change into her sexy sleepwear and wait for you to join her. Sleeping with Red Lucy will grant you the Well Rested bonus and can be repeated by inquiring again about the eggs.

Hunt XP Reward Barter Reward Declining Reward
1. Pile of giant mantis eggs 100 200 caps 300 caps (Barter 50) Positive Karma
2. Pile of radscorpion eggs 150 300 caps hunting rifle and .308 rounds (Barter 60) 400 caps (Barter 60) Hunting rifle and .308 rounds
3. Pile of fire gecko eggs 200 500 caps 700 caps (Barter 70) Positive Karma
4. Pile of nightstalker eggs 300 700 caps hunting revolver with 9 .45-70 Gov't rounds 1000 caps (Barter 80)
5. Pile of cazador eggs 400 1000 caps 1500 caps (Barter 90) Positive Karma
6. Pile of deathclaw eggs 500 2500 caps n/a n/a
Total 1650 5200 caps 6400 caps (Barter 90) Dinner Bell


  • pcIcon pc xbox360Icon xbox360 ps3Icon ps3 After starting the quest, then asking Red Lucy for watching a fight between two creatures down in the Thorns arena, the creatures may not start to fight against each other but standing in the arena facing each other doing nothing. Interacting with Lucy is impossible from now on, trying so she says: "It's time for blood. Not talk. Find me after the fight." Since the fight never starts, even not after lots of in-game days you may not end the quest. Trying to shoot the night stalkers from above or jumping into the arena to cause the night stalkers to attack you will turn the dwellers of the Thorn hostile towards you and will cause the quest to fail. If you go down the stairs next to Red Lucy, remain hidden, and snipe the creatures, the other side (either red or blue) will run back to the cage. If you open the gate and step inside the arena, they disappear about 75% of the time, allowing you to interact with Red Lucy again. You can also employ a Stealth Boy and get away with shooting the creatures to get the action going. Alternatively, if the surviving night stalker returns to his cage but does not disappear, find a suitable place to sneak sniper it and if successful, the mission will continue.
  • pcIcon pc When sleeping with Red Lucy there will be no sound at all.
  • pcIcon pc ps3Icon ps3 xbox360Icon xbox360 After completing Bleed Me Dry and having sex with Red Lucy, she may stay in her room and not come out, asking for intercourse in dialogue only. To fix this you must sleep in her bed for around 24 hours or so.
  • pcIcon pc ps3Icon ps3 xbox360Icon xbox360 After giving Red Lucy the mantis eggs, the quest will not continue on. The quest becomes reset and you must do the first steps again.
    • You may be able to fix this on Xbox and PS3 by bartering a higher price/taking the caps instead of just giving them to her.
  • xbox360Icon xbox360 ps3Icon ps3 The mother deathclaw sometimes respawn even if you already cleared out the cave.
  • xbox360Icon xbox360 ps3Icon ps3 In the night stalker cave, when getting the 12.7mm submachine gun, from the 'very hard' locked gate, tripping the grenade bouquets may cause the game to crash.
  • xbox360Icon xbox360 The map marker for Quarry Junction may not appear until leaving The Thorn.
  • xbox360Icon xbox360 After completing the quest Red Lucy may not give you the unique weapon Dinner Bell even after having sex with her.
  • xbox360Icon xbox360 If you leave Red Lucy's Chambers and then the thorn before having sex with her, when you return, she will reappear at her initial spot in the thorn but say "Lay down with me, my hunter." You will not be able to talk to her and sleeping in her bed without her will not fix this.
  • pcIcon pc After completing the quest, Red Lucy will walk to her room but might not lie down in her bed and/ or change into sexy sleepwear. She'll end up walking out of her room and every time you talk to her, she'll only say, "Lay down with me my hunter." (can be fixed by sleeping in her bed for 24 hours)
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