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For the BlamCo Mac & Cheese that appears in the Fallout series, see BlamCo Mac & Cheese.

Blamco Brand Mac and Cheese is a food item found in Fallout 4.


It has a dispenser on the side of the box for pouring of the mac and cheese, with a picture of a bomb inside a bowl of mac and cheese.


The pre-War snack can be crafted with the food processor in the Contraptions Workshop add-on.

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Two instances of the pre-War version can be found:

  • Vault 81, northeast bedroom in a shelf partly covered by a blackboard.
  • Cabot House, the cellar in the kitchen on a table.


The "Blamco" in the name of the food is referencing a bomb, like the cover of the box. But, Blamco Brand Mac and Cheese was created pre-War, so it is an ironic consumable due to Fallout's lore.