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Black coffee is a consumable item added to the game in the Fallout: New Vegas add-on Honest Hearts.


Boiled from roasted coyote tobacco chew and honey mesquite pods, black coffee is a good way to stay awake in the middle of the night as well as improving alertness, which makes repairing things, medical treatment and solving theoretical/practical problems easier. However, it comes with the negative drawback of making it harder to maintain focus in pitched combat.

When drinking the coffee, a coffee mug may be added to the consumer's inventory, although there is a chance that it may break.

The effects of the item to INT/AGL respectively depend on the level of the Survival skill.

Survival Skill effectEdit

SkillEffectHardcore effect
10+6 Hit Point , +2 Intelligence for 1m, -1 Agility for 1m+6 Dehydration , -24 Sleep , -2 Starvation 
20+7 Hit Point , +2 Intelligence for 1m, -1 Agility for 1m+7 Dehydration , -28 Sleep , -2 Starvation 
30+8 Hit Point , +3 Intelligence for 1m, -1 Agility for 1m+8 Dehydration , -32 Sleep , -3 Starvation 
40+9 Hit Point , +3 Intelligence for 1m, -1 Agility for 1m+9 Dehydration , -36 Sleep , -3 Starvation 
50+10 Hit Point , +4 Intelligence for 1m, -2 Agility for 1m+10 Dehydration , -40 Sleep , -4 Starvation 
60+11 Hit Point , +4 Intelligence for 1m, -2 Agility for 1m+11 Dehydration , -44 Sleep , -4 Starvation 
70+12 Hit Point , +4 Intelligence for 1m, -2 Agility for 1m+12 Dehydration , -48 Sleep , -4 Starvation 
80+13 Hit Point , +5 Intelligence for 1m, -2 Agility for 1m+13 Dehydration , -52 Sleep , -5 Starvation 
90+14 Hit Point , +5 Intelligence for 1m, -2 Agility for 1m+14 Dehydration , -56 Sleep , -5 Starvation 
100+15 Hit Point , +6 Intelligence for 1m, -3 Agility for 1m+15 Dehydration , -60 Sleep , -6 Starvation 


This item can be crafted by the Courier.

Creation requirements

rangeIcon range
Honest Hearts add-on
levelIcon level
Black coffee (1)

¹ The coffee pot will remain in the crafter's inventory afterwards, and can be re-used.



  • The healing is immediate, even in Hardcore mode.
  • It shares the same world model as a normal coffee mug, and because of this it is empty when dropped.
  • The number to be crafted displayed cannot exceed the number of coffee pots on hand.
  • The coffee mug, when empty, weighs 1 pound, despite this drink weighing only 0.02.
  • With Survival at around 80-100, black coffee can be quite potent, giving a +6 to Intelligence, but a quite hefty -3 to Agility.
  • Although black coffee contains addictive coyote tobacco chew, the drink itself is non-addictive.