Black coffee

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Black coffee
Coffee Mug
Icon nvdlc02items coffee mug
effects+5 Hit Points
+2 Intelligence for 1 minute
-1 Agility for 1 minute
Hardcore mode only:
+5 Dehydration
-20 Sleep
-2 Starvation
Gametitle-FNV HH
Gametitle-FNV HH

Black coffee is a consumable item added to the game in the Fallout: New Vegas add-on Honest Hearts.


Boiled from roasted coyote tobacco chew and honey mesquite pods, black coffee is a good way to stay awake in the middle of the night as well as improving alertness, which makes repairing things, medical treatment and solving theoretical/practical problems easier. However, it comes with the negative drawback of making it harder to maintain focus in pitched combat. Although black coffee contains addictive coyote tobacco chew, the drink itself is non-addictive.

When drinking the coffee, a coffee mug may be added to the player's inventory, although there is a chance that it may break.

The effects of the item to INT/AGL respectively depend on the level of the Survival skill.

Survival Skill effectEdit

SkillEffectHardcore effect
10+6 Hit Point , +2 Intelligence for 1m, -1 Agility for 1m+6 Dehydration , -24 Sleep , -2 Starvation 
20+7 Hit Point , +2 Intelligence for 1m, -1 Agility for 1m+7 Dehydration , -28 Sleep , -2 Starvation 
30+8 Hit Point , +3 Intelligence for 1m, -1 Agility for 1m+8 Dehydration , -32 Sleep , -3 Starvation 
40+9 Hit Point , +3 Intelligence for 1m, -1 Agility for 1m+9 Dehydration , -36 Sleep , -3 Starvation 
50+10 Hit Point , +4 Intelligence for 1m, -2 Agility for 1m+10 Dehydration , -40 Sleep , -4 Starvation 
60+11 Hit Point , +4 Intelligence for 1m, -2 Agility for 1m+11 Dehydration , -44 Sleep , -4 Starvation 
70+12 Hit Point , +4 Intelligence for 1m, -2 Agility for 1m+12 Dehydration , -48 Sleep , -4 Starvation 
80+13 Hit Point , +5 Intelligence for 1m, -2 Agility for 1m+13 Dehydration , -52 Sleep , -5 Starvation 
90+14 Hit Point , +5 Intelligence for 1m, -2 Agility for 1m+14 Dehydration , -56 Sleep , -5 Starvation 
100+15 Hit Point , +6 Intelligence for 1m, -3 Agility for 1m+15 Dehydration , -60 Sleep , -6 Starvation 


This item can be crafted by the player.

Creation requirements

rangeIcon range
Honest Hearts add-on
levelIcon level
Black coffee (1)

¹ The coffee pot will remain in the player's inventory after crafting, and can be re-used.



  • The healing is immediate, even in Hardcore mode.
  • It shares the same world model as a normal coffee mug.
  • The number to be crafted displayed cannot exceed the number of coffee pots on hand.
  • The mug is empty when the item is dropped.
    • The Coffee mug, when empty, weighs 1 whole pound, despite this drink weighing only 0.02.
  • With Survival at around 80-100 black coffee can be quite potent, giving a +6 to Intelligence and a quite hefty -3 to Agility.

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