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For the plant found in the Commonwealth, see Bloodleaf.
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Black bloodleaf is a consumable item in the Fallout 4 add-on Far Harbor. It is an ingredient used to craft seasoned rabbit skewers at cooking stations for +1 Luck for 30 minutes, chicken noodle soup for +55 rad resistance for 30 minutes and Fire Belly to gradually increase damage at low health.


Black bloodleaf is identical to its Commonwealth counterpart in terms of shape, effects and possible locations. It is distinguished only by a darker color.



  • Near the potted plants right outside of Acadia.
  • Total of 55 in planters in Aster's area inside Acadia.
  • Northeast of Acadia, in the pond with 3 water purifiers.
  • One directly north of the road bridge between Dalton farm and Oceanarium, next to the submerged green buoy.
  • In the lake at Old Pond House just off the dock.
  • One in the small pond south of National Park HQ.
  • Two at the garage next to a 3 story, flooded house to the southeast of Haddock Cove: one inside, one a little bit out front.
  • Two behind the next house directly east of the garage at Haddock Cove.
  • One south along the road past Eden Meadows Cinemas, at the southern end of the broken bridge.