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The Black Mountain terminal entries are a collection of terminals entries from Black Mountain in Fallout: New Vegas.

Prison buildingEdit

Raul's terminalEdit

Entry 1Edit


As if I don't have enough pointless things to do here, Tabitha wants me to start keeping a log of all the repairs I do. So here's my first log entry. I fixed up several old terminals that were left over in the intact buildings here. I wonder what she's planning to use them for.

Entry 2Edit


Apparently, the mutants raided a caravan today. One of their rifles jammed. Took about seven minutes to fix. I also performed minor maintenance on the broadcasting tower outside. It's tempting to think that I could have just pulled a switch there and taken this accursed station off the air. No doubt she would have killed me soon afterward, but it might have been worth it just to see the look on her face.

Entry 3Edit


The mutant with the scar across his face, whom I've taken to calling Cuddles, stopped in today and asked me to fix his car. I told him that's outside my expertise and seriously thought he was going to kill me.

Entry 4Edit


Tried to escape today. Tabitha had one of her men beat me senseless when they caught me. Now they lock me up in the next room whenever I'm not working on something.

Oh, and I fixed a toaster.

Entry 5Edit


Cuddles came in about his car again. He even brought a container of gas and asked if that would help. I tried to tell him that gas was not the problem, but he got really angry and dragged me outside. Tabitha killed him herself before things got too ugly.

At least I don't have to hear about his damn car anymore.

Entry 6Edit

Reading this entry adds Black Mountain prison password to the player's Pip-Boy.


Tabitha came in today and said she's concerned about my safety. She's insisted that I change the lock on my door to require a password, using one of the other computers I fixed. I'm really starting to regret ever fixing those.

The password is 123456789. Like anyone who cares will ever read this.

Broadcast buildingEdit

Broadcast tower terminalEdit

Log 672Edit


We've been picking up a lot of activity from China's satellite network. The tension is pretty high around here. Frank's been talking about securing a place in one of those vaults for himself and his family, and when he didn't show up to work yesterday, I think we all knew where he went.

Log 674Edit


Oh my god. It's actually happening. We have reading across the board of launches happening everywhere. They must've thrown everything they had, and it looks like we didn't hold back either. The computer says we have 2 minutes until the first missile drops.

Log 675Edit


I can bsrely type. The mountian shielded us from the wost or the blasd but thr's too mucsd radiattttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttt

Log 676Edit


Wow, I can't believe these old machines still work. This place looks pretty defensible, and the radiation should keep the majority of people away. Looks like we've found a home, at least for now. First things first, though. We've got to get these corpses out of here. Poor bastards.


Tabitha's terminalEdit

Marcus made me type thisEdit


The leader of this community, Marcus, said I should start keeping a journal to get my mind off of Rhonda. He also said I might find something interesting inside this stupid old building. What could possibly be interesting here? The only think that works in here is this junky old terminal.

It's a radio stations!Edit


It's amazing! This place is a radio station! If we can get it repaired, we can broadcast music across the wastes, just like Rhonda and I used to listen to. Ah Rhonda, how I wish you hadn't gone away. I asked all of the mutants here to help, but none of them could do anything for you. Which makes me doubt they can fix this place...

On the air!Edit


The radio station is fixed, and we've begun sending our message out into the desert. Marcus thinks I spend too much time in here, but what does a first gen know? Rhonda says they're just one step from dumb dumbs, and I agree.

The elite!Edit


There was a fight in the yard between some of us and the first gens. Marcus made a speech about how we need to work together, but why should we? We were the master's favorites! We don't need their help. Rhonda says we'd be better off without them.

Alone at last!Edit


Marcus and the others left today. Finally, we have the whole place to ourselves! No more listening to lectures about what we can and can't say on the air. The airwaves will be free!

Now Rhonda and I can host our own radio show like we've been planning. I don't know why Marcus always refused to let us do it before. He always started getting real nervous when I him what Rhonda thought about things. Rhonda says he was afraid she was too smart to control.

Anyway, this is the start of a new era! the only downside is most of the dumb dumbs chose to stay.



I finally got Raul to finish installing the security measures on my door. Now I can have all the privacy I want.

Just in case I have a dumb dumb moment, I've placed the spare key under the stairs behind my building. No one ever goes back there, so it should be safe from discovery.



Great news! A ghoul entered our camp today who has experience fixing machines! He seems to really like it here, so I hope he can stay long enough to fix Rhonda.

Weird, Rhonda just asked me why she would need fixing. She has a point. What was I thinking?

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