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Bitter drink
Bitter drink
Icon tremble
effects+4 Hit Points per second for 18s

History? Cures a wound, leaves the bitterness that caused it. {To himself, scorn}The Twin Mothers were always about lessons.


Bitter drink is a makeshift healing consumable item in Fallout: New Vegas.


Originating from Twin Mothers,[1] bitter drink is a useful healing drink primarily carried by Legionaries and is regularly consumed by wounded soldiers on the Legion's long forced marches. The recipe (and some of its history) is given to you at the end of Lonesome Road by Ulysses if he's still alive and is found in the loot crate at the Canyon wreckage if he's dead.

Bitter drink can be crafted at a campfire with a Survival skill of 15 and having received the recipe. It requires 1 broc flower, 1 xander root and 1 empty Sunset Sarsaparilla bottle. It is roughly twice as strong as healing powder, but does not carry the usual side-effects that come from the use thereof - making it a highly effective means for replenishing your health outside of combat; assuming equal levels of Survival and Medicine skill, Bitter Drinks heal over twice as many hit points as stimpaks.

Only a few healing items actually recover more HP over time, and all of those are items that are crafted or are otherwise uncommon sights, making bitter drink somewhat unique. Bitter drink counts as a chem, rather than a drink.

Bitter drinks are good for when you combat poisonous creatures and lack an antivenom. The HP regeneration from a bitter drink can offset a poison effect's ongoing damage, ergo increasing your chances of survival and freeing up resources for that critical emergency healing only stimpaks can provide.

Survival Skill effectEdit

10+4 Hit Point for 18s
20+5 Hit Point for 18s
30+6 Hit Point for 18s
40+7 Hit Point for 18s
50+8 Hit Point for 18s
60+8 Hit Point for 18s
70+9 Hit Point for 18s
80+10 Hit Point for 18s
90+11 Hit Point for 18s
100+12 Hit Point for 18s


This item can be crafted by the player.

Creation requirements

rangeIcon range
Completion of Lonesome Road
levelIcon level
Bitter drink (1)


  • These can be found on Legionary assassins and Recruit Legionaries.
  • Ulysses will teach you their history, and give you a few if you spare him. He will also leave a few in the footlocker after Lonesome Road.
  • Sometimes sold by Traveling merchants.


  • When using bitter drinks it can register as taking a stimpak, thus this item can help towards the challenge and achievement/trophy Stim-ply Amazing.
  • The hot-key icon for bitter drink of is the same one used for chems, rather than the one used for drinks or food. This may be an oversight, as Bitter drink is not treated as a chem, e.g. it is not prohibited by the Legion.
  • A recent patch has lowered the healing effect of the bitter drink, as with a 100 Survival skill it will only heal 6(18s).
  • Even though it uses an empty Sunset Sarsaparilla bottle to craft it, the world model and Pip-Boy icon of the item is a clay jug with decorative paint around the bottom.


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