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For the biogel that appears in the Fallout series, see biogel.
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A jar of bio gel used in the biomedical field.Fallout 2 description

Bio med gel or biogel is designed to enhance the regeneration processes of organic tissue, and was used in the biomedical field as a healing agent before the Great War.


All kinds of brain bots, robobrain, humanoid brain bot, think tank and cyberdogs use the bio med gel as part of their internal repair and maintenance systems. The brains are held inside a hardened glass container located where the skull should be and suspended in pressurized bio med gel. Since the organic brain inside the bot is a biological organism and cannot be repaired mechanically, this special gel-filled reservoir is used to repair tissue damage, maintaining the bot's mental functionality for long periods of time. Bio med gel can come in many colors (yellow, blue, violet, green, white, red, cyan) but it is not known if this changes anything in terms of capacity of the gel or this is purely cosmetic.

When a staff member of the Sierra Army Depot, General Clifton, was wounded by an exploding attack mine, his damaged right eye was surgically removed and placed in bio med gel by medical staff, hoping that the eye would regenerate to the point where implantation would be successful. However, the Sierra Army Depot was evacuated before the surgery could commence. Evidently, the bio med gel did work, judging from the fact that Clifton's eye was later used successfully to convince a retinal scanner.

However, when Dobbs was fully submerged in the same formula, this exposure had the unpleasant effect of dissolving him shortly after revival many years later. This is known as post-cryogenic syndrome. When the Chosen One broke into the Sierra Army Depot, he used bio med gel as one of three components to complete a partially finished robobrain. The other two components were a motivator (acquired from another robobrain) and a cybernetically-enhanced brain which was procured from Level 4 bio-storage. After the activation, the brain acted as a storage medium for the Depot's resident AI.


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Brains that are in the gel for a long time begin to degrade. An example of this is the Cyberdog Rex in Fallout: New Vegas. The Courier can (with sufficiently high Science skill) also mention the 'corrosive' effects of long-term biogel exposure when talking to their brain.