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Betty Jean Ward (born May 16, 1944; New York City, New York), professionally known as B. J. Ward, is an American actress and voice actress who voiced several characters in Fallout Tactics and Fallout: Brotherhood of Steel. She is the creator and star of Stand-Up Opera, a musical one-woman show, as well as being a licensed aviator and a Playboy bunny in the 1960s.

Personal lifeEdit

Ward is married to Gordon Hunt. She is Helen Hunt's stepmother.

Voiceover workEdit

Ward is best known as a voice actress. Her notable animation voice credits include:

  • Scarlett on G.I. Joe
  • The title role on Jana of the Jungle
  • Wonder Woman on the final two seasons of Super Friends and the 1988 series Superman
  • Casey Kelp and Lil' Seaweed in Snorks
  • M3 on the 1995 Batman: The Animated Series episode "The Lion and the Unicorn"
  • Bjørn's wife in The Little Troll Prince
  • Velma in four Scooby-Doo direct-to-DVD films (Nicole Jaffe would re-assume the role in 2003 and Mindy Cohn would voice the character from 2004 onward).
  • Princess Allura, Witch Haggar and all female voices on Voltron (American version), with the exception of Queen Merla, who is voiced by Tress MacNeille
  • Whopper on Pound Puppies
  • Mage, Halinor on W.I.T.C.H.
  • Small Foot on Challenge of the GoBots
  • Singing voice of Judy Jetson in Rockin' with Judy Jetson
  • Witch Hag in Samurai Jack (Episode XXX)
  • Iris the computer on The Real Adventures of Jonny Quest
  • Winnie Woodpecker on The New Woody Woodpecker Show
  • additional voices on The Bugs Bunny Show

In 1985, she made a rare film appearance in the TV movie Malice in Wonderland alongside Elizabeth Taylor and Jane Alexander.

She has also done voices for video games, including:


Fallout seriesEdit

YearTitleCredited as/for
2001Fallout TacticsUnknown
2004Fallout: Brotherhood of SteelShop-Tec
Raider lieutenant

Other workEdit

YearTitleCredited as/for
2000Baldur's Gate II
2005Jade Empire
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