The "Betrayer" Karma title

Betrayal is a recurring theme in the Fallout series of games.

Generally, betrayal is the act of "producing or exposing to an enemy in disloyalty and/or treachery." Many examples of this can be found in the Fallout series.


  • Perhaps the most significant example, The Overseer betrays the Vault Dweller by refusing to readmit him/her to Vault 13 upon the completion of the main quest.
  • Alternatively, the player can betray the location of Vault 13 to the Master.

Fallout 2Edit

  • The Enclave Company Control squad, led by Granite, will betray the Enclave by fighting along the Chosen One's side (Speech check is required).
  • The Chosen One can betray John Bishop/Roger Westin by killing the men, even if they promised rich rewards by killing their opponent.
  • Torr Buckner can be told that he needs to go while the Chosen One can speak to Dunton brothers.
  • The Chosen One can be told to deliver a message to Modoc from Vegeir, but he does not need to deliver it. Instead, he can attack the town with Modoc's people.

Fallout TacticsEdit

  • The Calculator was intended to aid the survivors in rebuilding America, instead it worked for their extermination.
  • General Simon Barnaky, an early mentor to the player character, aids the Calculator in waging war against the Midwestern Brotherhood of Steel, although how willing he was in this is a matter of interpretation.

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