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This is a transcript for dialogue with Bessie Lynn.

Topics Edit

GREETING GREETING Surprise 50 Well, it'll take a little elbow grease but then this place will be a true home! {looking on the bright side} 1
GREETING Happy 100 Oh, hello there! Can't thank you enough! {shyly appreciative} 2
GREETING Happy 100 Hi again! {shyly appreciative} 3
GREETING Surprise 50 Oh. Hello. I'm Bessie Lynn. I... I don't think you should be down here. Did you talk to Roy? {nervous} 4
Fear 50 I hope you know what you're doing. You could get in a lot of trouble by coming around uninvited. {nervously warning the player he is in danger} 5
GREETING Surprise 50 Oh... hello there. {nervous} 6
GREETING Fear 50 Will this take long? I ... I have things to do. {nervous} 7
MS12FinBarter Let's trade. Fear 10 Okay. Here's what I have. What do you have? {shy and not accustomed to her role as merchant} 8
Let's trade. Fear 10 Okay. {shy and not accustomed to her role as merchant} 9
Let's trade. Fear 10 This is all I have. I hope it's okay. {shy and not accustomed to her role as merchant} 10
MS12FinMurderedTopic Where are the other Tenpenny Tower residents? Surprise 50 I don't know where they are... but everything is fine. Roy said not to worry about the other residents. {trying to hide her nervousness under cheerful demeanor} 11
So you approve of mass murder? The basement storage room is full of corpses. Surprise 50 Oh? Well... They must have done something to deserve that. {trying to hide her nervousness under cheerful demeanor} 12
MS12FinResidents What's it like living at Tenpenny Tower? Happy 100 It's wonderful. Roy was right. This is the way to live! {(shyly) happy not to be homeless} 13
MS12GhoulBranch So what are you doing in the Metro tunnels? Sad 100 Roy is coming up with a plan to get us into that tower. Tenpenny's. Says it's only a matter of time. {admiringly talking about her man} 14
Neutral 50 He's strong like that. He never gives up. The kind of guy who makes things happen, Roy is. That's why the others follow him. {admiringly talking about her man} 15
Neutral 50 Me, I just like the way he looks at me. Makes me feel pretty again. I'd go anywhere with him. {wistfully in love} 16
MS12GhoulKill Gustavo hired me to kill you. Fear 100 Please don't hurt me! {scared out her mind} 17
MS12GhoulKill1 Relax. It's just a warning, not a threat. I'm not going to kill you. Happy 75 Oh. Hahaha. Sorry. I just assumed... {relieved she's not going to die, and embarrassed she drew the wrong conclusion} 18
Sad 50 Well, most people would prefer if we Ghouls didn't exist. If you want to help us, talk to Roy Phillips. 19
MS12GhoulKill3 I don't have to kill you. If you were to give me a handful of caps... Fear 75 Oh... well... we don't really have much... um... {nervous and afraid for her life, and stalling for time to think of something} 20
Fear 100 HEEELLLLPPPP!!!!!!! {SCREAMING for help and running away} 21
WarringtonGhoul So tell me, what's it like being a Ghoul? Sad 50 Oh... well... it's not so bad, I guess. Once you get used to it... but, it's not like before. {feeling sorry for herself} 22
Happy 100 I used to be pretty, you know! Everyone used to come around all the time! {really happy for a moment, remembering what it was like being adored} 23
Sad 100 People stop wanting to be around you, though... when it starts to happen... when you start to change, I mean... {feeling sorry for herself, in real emotional pain} 24
WarringtonGreetingChoiceBad I'm trouble. That's all you need to know. Fear 50 Oh... my... I guess... I was just trying to be nice. Am I babbling again? I tend to do that when I'm nervous. {nervously babbling after she got cussed at} 25
Fear 100 Oh - you don't make me nervous. I mean, Roy says not to show weakness... {suddenly realizing she is in real danger} 26
Fear 75 Have you met Roy? He's killed lots of people before. I'm his gal. He protects me. So better not try anything. {nervously trying to stay safe by warning she is with the boss} 27
WarringtonGreetingChoiceGood Nice to meet you, Bessie. Don't worry about me, I'll be fine. Surprise 50 I wouldn't want to see anyone get hurt. You must be pretty tough to get past all the ferals. They tend to leave us alone, but someone like you... {nervously babbling} 28
Fear 50 Am I babbling again? Roy tells me I shouldn't do that. {nervously babbling} 29
WarringtonGreetingChoiceNeutral <Say nothing.> Happy 100 Oh, all right then. Kinda shy aren't you? I don't mind that. It's nice to have someone to talk to who listens, you know... {babbling, she is shy herself and likes meeting another shy person} 30
Happy 75 Am I babbling again? I tend to do that when I'm nervous... {nervous about making a new friend} 31

Conversation Edit

GOODBYE I have to go now. Fear 10 Oh. Okay then. Have a nice one. {(nervous) trying hard not to sound nervous} 32
I have to go now. Fear 10 Stay out of trouble. {(nervous) trying hard not to sound nervous} 33
I have to go now. Fear 10 Be good. {(nervous) trying hard not to sound nervous} 34

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