The berserk syringe is a type of ammunition in Fallout 4.


The Berserk syringe is a small dart used only in the Syringer, fired via compressed air to deliver powerful poisons into enemy targets. Unlike most ammunition in the game, it is located under the "AID" section of the Pip-Boy menu and has a small amount of weight.


Enemies hit with the Berzerk Syringe have a chance to "frenzy", causing them to attack everyone around them, friend and foe alike. However, there is a very strict maximum level for a target to be affected by a Berserk Syringe- if fired at an enemy with too high a level, a notice will appear on-screen saying "[target name] is too powerful to Berzerk". It is unclear what exactly this level maximum is and whether or not it is partially dependent on your own level, but it seems that even at high levels (40+) only enemies less than around level 20 can be affected.[verification overdue]


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Weapons using this ammunitionEdit


Craftable at chemistry stations by the Sole Survivor.


  • The berserk syringe is a component of fury.