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The beret is a piece of headwear in Fallout: New Vegas.


A beret is a soft round cap, usually of wool felt, with a flat crown that tilts to one side. The New California Republic use green berets to identify officers of the New California Republic Army. The beret seems to be camouflaged in various shades of green and brown and has a cap badge of the NCR two-headed bear roaring up at a gold star.


1st Recon beret - a rare red beret bestowed upon members of the 1st Recon after joining the unit.


The following people wear berets:


  • When dropped, this beret, along with the 1st Recon beret, will be as thin as a piece of paper and become extremely bouncy, causing it to easily be lost.
  • The green beret uses the same pip-boy icon as the 1st Recon beret.


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