Benevolent Leader is an achievement/trophy in Fallout 4.


Reach maximum happiness in a large settlement.

General informationEdit

  • The achievement can be unlocked with any number of settlers in any settlement. Graygarden is not recommended as the happiness of Mister Handy settlers is limited to 50%.
  • The size of the settlement refers to the number of structures in the settlement, not the number of settlers. However, in spite of the description, the size of the settlement does not have to be large (i.e. yellow/orange color).
  • The happiness cap without any bonus happiness is around 80, which should be reached by providing enough water, food, beds (covered) and defense.
  • To get additional 20 happiness, one can use stores, junkyard dogs, cats and gorillas, or slot machines, soda fountains, phoropters, weight benches and pommel horses from the Vault-Tec Workshop add-on.
  • Synth settlers and noise level have no effect on happiness.
  • It's possible to keep any settlement 100% happy for an unlimited period of time.