The bell is a settlement object in Fallout 4.


When activated, the bell rings, and settlers of that settlement will, after a moment, walk over to converge near the bell. The bell stands idle unless activated by the player character.


Bells can be placed anywhere there is sufficient space.

Wood (4)
Steel (4)
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levelIcon level
Bell (1)


  • The bell is located under Resources → Miscellaneous.
  • While a bell can be placed anywhere, it's most useful to place one by an open area, where settlers can congregate and the player character can maneuver around and through them.
  • Activating a bell can be especially useful in larger settlements when trying to identify settlers who need to be assigned a job, or settlers who need better equipment.
  • Settlers start reacting to the bell after about 5 minutes, game time. The bell meeting is done, and settlers start to disperse, after about 30 minutes, game time.
  • Sometimes, a few settlers won't come at the sound of the bell.
  • Companions, including inactive potential companions, ignore the sound of the bell.
  • The post of the bell is roughly the same height as a shack wall. This means that, in building a structure, the bell can be positioned so its post appears to be a structural support of the building, with the bell attached to the support.