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Bedford Station is a location in the Commonwealth in 2287.


Bedford Station is a prewar train switching station that once serviced the nearby quarry at Thicket Excavations[1] but has since been infested by feral ghouls. Many inoperable train cars are still present around the site.

The place was a location for a Synth rescue that went wrong. Dutchman, an agent of The Railroad, created a diversion for an escaping synth when ambushed by several unknown assailants.


A ruined southbound train stretches out on the N/S tracks. At the northern back-end of the train, several ghouls mill about a station. The highest level ghouls generally sit on the platform itself, conveniently near an explosive container. Further south can be found a watch tower. Dutchman's body can be found near the intact watch tower near the tracks, but there are no signs of the assailants and the synth. The body of Helena, the runner mentioned in the terminal holotape who was supposed to meet with Dutchman, can be found leaning against the water tower.

The "Dead Drop" mentioned in Dutchman's instructions can be found inside of the blue train car to the north of the tower within the blue barrel in the corner, marked with the railsign cache symbol.

Notable lootEdit


Bedford Station only appears in Fallout 4.

Behind the scenesEdit

Bedford Station is located in the approximate location of the real-world town of Bedford, in which the Bedford Depot serviced the Boston and Maine Railroad until 1977.



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