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Ya eat lightning and crap thunder, kid.

Stuart Little, after Chosen One beats Masticator

Become a Prizefighter is a quest in Fallout 2.

The New Reno championship is a boxing tournament that the player can join if he/she wants to. Having a high Unarmed skill is recommended prior to attempting this quest.


The player will have to fight four different opponents in order to win:

If the Chosen One goes into the Jungle Gym and talks with Stuart Little, the Chosen One can box. If the Chosen One is female or has a Strength lower than 6, he/she will have to pass a relatively easy Speech check. The Chosen One will meet four increasingly difficult opponents: Joqq ($50, 500 xp), Pete McKneely ($50, 750 XP), Evan Holyfeld ($400, 1000 XP), and The Masticator ($1000, 2500 XP) (if the player kills him, he/she will face Xander Holyland instead). This is assuming that the Chosen One gets 50% of the winnings; with Speech 76% and Barter 76% Chosen One can get 75% instead. The Chosen One can also get kill XP for the boxers you manage to beat to death; this should happen some of the time and counts as a knockout. Other ways of winning include: "normal" knockout (if Chosen One score a critical hit that knocks Chosen One's opponent unconscious or if he himself manages a critical failure), technical knockout (if the Chosen One makes him flee), and points (if the Chosen One somehow manages to make a fight last 12 full rounds and win the majority of them by landing more punches than the Chosen One's opponent). If the player wins four matches, the Chosen One gets the Prizefighter reputation, which lets the Chosen One empty the gym lockers, making the Chosen One popular in New Reno and gives him/her a +5% bonus to Unarmed skill.

Should the player lose a fight, the player must ask Little for a rematch immediately or the player won't get another chance. The Chosen One will then go up against another boxer ( The Chosen One's royalties will drop to 25%, but the XP is the same). The player can only convince Little to give you one more chance (unless you exploit a bug), which means the player can fight five matches in all, and there's a tempting reason to do that (see another note below).


  • Each time the fight starts the Chosen One has equipped boxing gloves.
  • At the start of every match, if the Chosen One has either kind of gloves, he gets a permanent +3 bonus to Damage Threshold for normal damage (to a maximum of 100), -1 to DT for plasma and explosive damage, and a bonus to Damage Resistance for each listed damage type except fire (to a maximum of 90%). If Chosen One only has normal gloves, he gets +1% DR for all four types, but if Chosen One has plated ones, he/she gets +2% for normal damage, +5% for laser damage and +1% for the others (there's also a -1% penalty to Chosen One's unlisted EMP resistance, but this doesn't matter in the least; the electricity resistance is unaffected).
    • The Chosen One get to keep these bonuses even if he/she loses the match. Therefore, in the fourth match, the player can kick the opponent, ask Stuart Little for another shot, then the player wins the final match (the Masticator's replacement is significantly weaker and doesn't bite) and the Chosen One will have a fifth toughness bonus.
  • If the player switches to kicking or unequips the boxing gloves and then lands a blow, Chosen One will be disqualified.
  • If the Chosen One keeps fighting and has Unarmed at about 160% or higher, he may end up biting Masticator's ear.
    • Masticator can bite Chosen One's ear as well - this reduces Charisma by 1 and adds the ear in inventory.
  • Stupid characters (Intelligence less than 4) can box providing they are male and have Strength 6. Aside from getting no pay and no rematch, things work the same. Female characters or male characters with Strength less than 6 have to persuade Stuart Little to box.
  • If the character finds Masticator too difficult to defeat, they can always go in the basement of Shark Club and kill him there for 1000 XP and -5 Karma. However, he will be replaced with Xander Holyland in the ring.

Behind the scenes

When picking the name for the box, some are silly. Among them the Chosen One can pick Balboa or Clubber Lang - a reference to the movie series Rocky.


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