Ya eat lightning and crap thunder, kid.

Stuart Little, after the Chosen One beats the Masticator

Become a Prizefighter is an unmarked quest in Fallout 2.

The New Reno championship is a boxing tournament that the Chosen One can join if they want to. Having a high Unarmed skill is recommended prior to attempting this quest.

Quick walkthroughEdit

Side Quest: Become a Prizefighter
Speak with Stuart Little.
Decide which name will you be known as.
Defeat Joqq.
Reward: 500 XP, $50
Defeat Pete McKneely.
Reward: 750 XP, $50
Defeat Evan Holyfeld.
Reward: 1000 XP, $400
Defeat the Masticator.
Reward: 2500 XP, $1000, Prizefighter reputation

Detailed walkthroughEdit

If the Chosen One goes into the Jungle Gym and talks to Stuart Little, they can box. A character with a Strength below 6 or female, one has to pass a Speech check.

Four different opponents will have to be defeated in order to win:

The sums are given assuming that the Chosen One gets the default 50% of the winnings; with Speech 76% and Barter 76%, they can haggle for 75% instead. They would also get any corresponding kill experience if they happen to beat a boxer to death; the announcer would count this as a knockout. Other ways of winning include:

  • Knockout (scoring a Critical Hit that knocks the opponent unconscious, or if they get a critical failure to the same effect),
  • Technical knockout (making them flee), and
  • Points (somehow managing to make a fight last 12 full rounds and win the majority of them by landing more punches than the opponent).

Upon winning all four matches, the Chosen One is awarded the Prizefighter reputation title, which also allows them to loot the gym lockers without the inhabitants stopping them.

If the Chosen One loses a fight, they must ask Little for a rematch immediately, or they won't get another chance, and pass a Speech check. The royalties will then be drop to 25% but the XP gained is the same.

A low intelligence character can box, too, provided they are male and have a Strength of 6. Apart from getting no pay and no rematch, things work the same.


When a fight starts, the Chosen One is equipped with boxing gloves. If they have plated boxing gloves, these will be used instead.

In a fight, only punching the opponent with the gloves is allowed; any other attack would get the character disqualified. Likewise, Buffout is prohibited here in that its bonus immediately expires (i.e. is advanced to the penalty stage) at the start of a fight. Unlike real-life box though, it's permitted to hit any part of the body and finish off a fallen opponent.

The Masticator can bite off the Chosen One's ear - reducing Charisma by 1 and adds the ear in the inventory. If the Chosen One has an Unarmed skill at about 160% or higher, they may end up biting off the Masticator's ear.

Boxers comparison tableEdit

Primary Statistics
Statistic Joqq Pete McKneely Evan Holyfeld Mike the Masticator
Strength 07 06 09 10
Perception 10 10 10 10
Endurance 07 04 09 10
Charisma 03 03 03 02
Intelligence 03 03 03 02
Agility 07 07 10 10
Luck 05 04 08 09
Secondary Statistics
Statistic Joqq Pete McKneely Evan Holyfeld Mike the Masticator
Hit Points 90 75 125 150
Experience Points 100 100 500 1000
Armor Class 7 7 20 30
Action Points 8 8 10 10
Carry Weight 200 175 250 275
Melee Damage 2 1 4 5
Sequence 20 20 20 20
Healing Rate 2 1 3 3
Statistic Joqq Pete McKneely Evan Holyfeld Mike the Masticator
Unarmed 90% 80% 110% 125%
Melee Weapons 75% 65% 90% 100%

Remarkably, the second opponent Pete McKneely is weaker than the first, Joqq.

Alternate boxersEdit

If the boxer that the Chosen One is meant to face is dead, an alternate one is substituted. The substitutes are:

The first and the last of them cannot actually be fought. Joqq isn't present anywhere before the fight (thus cannot be killed), there isn't even a code entry for replacing him. And if the Masticator is killed in the Shark Club, there's dedicated code that makes Stuart Little disappear upon returning to the 2nd street map unless the player already completed the quest, making it impossible to proceed.

The rewards for defeating the backup opponents are the same as for the normal ones.

All of the alternate boxers use generic boxer models that have the same stats as Joqq:

Primary Statistics
Statistic Generic Boxer
Strength 07
Perception 10
Endurance 07
Charisma 03
Intelligence 03
Agility 07
Luck 05
Secondary Statistics
Statistic Generic Boxer
Hit Points 90
Experience Points 100
Armor Class 7
Action Points 8
Carry Weight 200
Melee Damage 2
Sequence 20
Healing Rate 2
Statistic Generic Boxer
Unarmed 90%
Melee Weapons 75%

Behind the scenesEdit

  • Among the nicknames to choose for the box, the Chosen One can pick Balboa, Clubber Lang, Drago or Apollo — references to the movie series Rocky.
  • One of the other possible names is Glass Joe, a reference to the NES game Punch-Out!!.
  • Masticator biting off the Chosen One's ear and vice-versa is a reference to the infamous boxing incident in which Mike Tyson bit off a portion of Evander Holyfield's ear.


  • At the start of every match, the Chosen One gets a permanent +3 bonus to Damage Threshold for normal damage (to a maximum of 100), -1 for plasma and explosive damage, and a bonus to Damage Resistance (DR) for each listed damage type except fire (to a maximum of 90%). If they use normal gloves, they get +1% DR for all four types, and for plated ones, they get +2% for normal damage, +5% for laser damage and +1% for the others (there's also a -1% penalty to Chosen One's unlisted EMP resistance, but this doesn't matter in the least; the electricity resistance is unaffected).[verified]
    • The Chosen One get to keep these bonuses even after losing a match. Therefore, they can deliberately throw one match and ask Stuart Little for another shot to get the fifth toughness bonus.
    • The bug's cause is the game not taking away DT/DR bonus stats from the gloves at the end of the fight.
  • If the player character has lost a match by a critical failure that caused them to fall and lose the next turn (counted as a knockout), they will immediately lose the following match, too, as soon as it starts (by a knockout, too), thus failing the quest.[verification needed]
    • A probable workaround is to ask Stewart Little to wait, enter combat mode and make a turn in it before the next match. The reason seems to be the same as the previous bug — fights in the ring are not terminated correctly, so the player character continues to serve their penalty at the start of the next combat.
  • In the unpatched game, when Masticator bit off the Chosen One's ear, their Charisma wasn't decreased by one but rather increased by current Charisma minus one (due to a scripting error instigated by a counterintuitive function name).[verified]