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Beaver Creek Lanes is a pre-War bowling alley located on the Island in 2287.


The bowling alley was closed before the War due to structural damage caused by what appears to be a landslide engulfing the building in soil, which ultimately closed most of the alley. The lanes appear to have been open at the time the bombs fell due to the amount of skeletons inside. After the War, it became overrun with feral ghouls.


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  • The functioning jukebox in the dining area is flipped 180 degrees and is thus facing the wall, with its back towards the room.
  • The terminal in the dining area states that the bowling alley closed due to structural damage, however several skeletons are found in seats which suggests the alley was open when the bombs fell.


Beaver Creek Lanes appears only in the Fallout 4 add-on Far Harbor.

Behind the scenesEdit

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There is a terminal entry which lists the 2078 Far Harbor Bowling League standings. The team in third place is the Holy Rollers, Ned Flanders' bowling team on The Simpsons.

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pcIcon pc To the southeast, there is a Red Rocket gas station that had been settled. It is possible to get stuck in the trailer with a bed in front of the door. Exiting is only possible by fast traveling to a nearby location or by using console command tcl.[verified]


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