Beat Francis at armwrestling

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Beat Francis at armwrestling
Fo2 Francis
locationBroken Hills
given byFrancis
reward350 XP
Power fist
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You think you can take me, eh? All right. You win, you get this power fist. I win, and you're my gimp for a night.


Beat Francis at armwrestling is a side quest in Fallout 2. Francis, the super mutant at the Broken Hills bar, is searching someone who can test his strength with a game of armwrestling.


To beat him, the Chosen One needs a high Strength (about 9) and an Endurance of 8, and a bit of Luck. Not having these stats will certainly prevent any chance of winning.

Not having the required minimum of the former two stats can be compensated with a Buffout or two. Winning gets a "Big Frigger" power fist, a powerful Unarmed weapon for this point in the game.

If Francis wins, the Chosen One becomes his gimp for the night, and will wake up at his house with a ball gag in their inventory. Plus, a female Sexpert will have all the inflatable rubber dolls in the game named after them, instead of after Tandi. The people on the ship in San Francisco will also mock the Chosen One and call them names.

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