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This is the transcript of a dialogue or message file, a file which contains the dialogue of a non-player character in a given game or ingame messages related to scripts and items.

Dailogue for Khan raiders


{100}{}{You see a Khan raider.}
{101}{}{You see a Khan raider.}
{102}{}{You see a tough looking person with armor, weapons, and a bad attitude. It must be a Khan.}
{103}{}{What the... I don't think I know you. Who the hell are you?}
#responses 1
{104}{}{I got my ID right here! Let me show ya.}
{105}{}{The name's... umm... Pat, and I'm new here.}
#node 2
{106}{}{All right, wise-ass. Take your best shot.}
#node 3
#made skill check
{107}{}{Oh yeah. Sorry. Didn't recognize you at first. Go on about your business.}
{108}{}{Hey, I'm not as stupid as you look.}
#node 4
{109}{}{You're not dead yet? Shit.}
#idle talking messages
{110}{}{Man, Darion doesn't pay me enough to stand around here and do nothing.}
{111}{}{Sometimes I sit and think about absolutely nothing.}
{112}{}{I generally don't care what anyone else thinks.}
{113}{}{Ignorance is bliss... I think.}
{114}{}{When's the next caravan passing through? I could use some action.}
{115}{}{I could use a break.}
{116}{}{Damn, I still hurt from that bitch Chrissy kicking me.}
{117}{}{Hey, we never get any new blood around here.}
{118}{}{So when are we going to get out of this stupid place?}
{119}{}{I don't know about you, but I think this sucks.}
{120}{}{There ain't nothin' to kill around here.}
{121}{}{Where's the damn bathroom?}
{122}{}{Hey, we never get a break around here. Isn't there some law or something?}
{123}{}{We should start up a government like in the old days.}
{124}{}{Man, I wonder what it was like to be President back then?}
{125}{}{I bet you could do anything you wanted if you were President.}
{126}{}{I think my father would be proud of me today. Too bad I killed him.}
{128}{}{Hey, is that new armor you have on? How do you rate getting new armor?}
{129}{}{This damn vault smells. Don't you hate it?}
{130}{}{Hey, who is it we're supposed to be keeping an eye open for?}
{131}{}{All I do is stand, stand, stand.}
{132}{}{I think we should just waste everyone upstairs and say to hell with this place.}
{133}{}{What the hell is your problem with rats?}
{134}{}{Have you ever pulled one of the legs off of a rat?}
{135}{}{I like guns, yeah! GUNS I LIKE! GUNS: I REALLY, REALLY LIKE THEM!}
{136}{}{Hey, is anyone listening to me?}
{137}{}{Oh well, I just talk to keep myself sane anyway.}
{138}{}{Hey, anyone remember what was in a Long Island Ice Tea?}
{139}{}{Yeah, vodka, rum, tequila, triple sec, lime, and Nuka.}
#Lights on
{140}{}{Hey, look -- the lights came on. What the...}
{141}{}{Darion said he'd get the damn lights fixed. I guess he came through.}
{142}{}{I don't think the generator just fixes itself, does it?}
{143}{}{That was kind of weird; now I can see. Jesus, this place looks like shit!}
{144}{}{Wow, it's bright in here. Where's the dimmer control?}

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