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The bayonet is a muzzle weapon mod for the hunting rifle and missile launcher in Fallout 4.


Increases bash damage. Negative effects include a decrease in range. Bayonets increase bashing damage by 100%, raising the base damage from 6 to 12 on hunting rifles, which is slightly above the damage dealt by unarmed humans (8). This damage increase improves with the Basher perk and increasing levels of Strength.

Bayonets also appear to improve the chance of synchronized kills on human enemies (and possibly the health they can be performed at), and provides a new animation for these events.[verification overdue]

Bayonets are functionally identical to the large bayonet mod available for pipe guns.


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  • Raiders, Gunners and super mutants occasionally have this mod equipped on their hunting rifles or missile launchers if they are above level 8.

Notes Edit

  • Despite the fact that bayonets double bashing damage, the DPS of such attacks will still be lower than that of most melee weapons in the game.