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Gametitle-FO3 BS

The Battle of Fort Bannister was the Capital Wasteland Brotherhood of Steel's attack on Fort Bannister, the main headquarters of the Talon Company mercenary organization in the year 2277.


After the activation of Project Purity, Talon Company set themselves into a preparation state, setting up fortifications in Seward Square for unknown reasons relating to the Water Distribution Network. Talon Company began to attack Aqua Pura caravans throughout the Capital Wasteland and steal the contents. Eventually, two weeks later, the Brotherhood traced the ambushes to Talon Company, and drew out plans for an attack on Fort Bannister. Two squads were sent into Fort Bannister, each bunkering down by rocks on both opposite sides of the Bannister's neighboring ridges. The leader of the attack, Paladin Jensen, ordered both squads to wait in position while he sneaked into the base and scouted the area. He was captured, tied up, and held captive in a tent.


If the Lone Wanderer arrived, they could either have freed Jensen or met up with either Brotherhood squad and began the assault without Jensen, resulting in the opposite squad dying from unknown causes, and Jensen would later have freed himself and met up with the others during the attack inside the base. After fighting through the base, the leader of Talon Company, Commander Jabsco would have been killed.


The fort was cleared out, and occupied by the Brotherhood, who reclaimed their stolen Aqua Pura barrels and caravan brahmin, and held a standing force of several soldiers topside. Talon Company became fractured and was thrown into disarray.


The Battle of Fort Bannister appears in the Fallout 3 add-on Broken Steel.