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The baseball uniform is an outfit in Fallout 4.


The uniform is white and red outfit, with a button up shirt, long-sleeved red undershirt and white pants.

When worn, the baseball uniform provides a single point bonus to both Strength and Agility. Additionally, armor pieces may be worn over the uniform itself.


  • One can be found in Faneuil Hall on a shelf on the ground level east of the street under a Fallon's Department Store sign.
  • One uniform may be found on the shelves of Monsignor Plaza.
  • Another may be found at University Point, in the exterior building with the workbench. It will be on the shelves by the window.
  • Another can be found in Boston Mayoral Shelter on a small table next to the lockers in the room preceding the basketball court.
  • Sold and worn by Moe Cronin in Diamond City.


  • The baseball uniform can be worn under full armor, making it a prime candidate for ballistic weave.