The bar is a constructible settlement item featured in Fallout 4.


The bar is the second food and drink shop built using the workshop. There are 2 versions of the shop. The first is the outdoor stand with a crudely drawn beer on the front and the word bar fixed to the top and hanging from the crossbar. The second version is the store counter which has the word bar written across the front in black capitals. There is no visible difference between the counter versions of the drink stand and the bar.

During evening meal time hours settlers will gather around the drink stand and will use any cooking station within the stands area of effect.

A settler must be assigned to the drinks bar for it to function as a shop and increase settlement happiness.


Bottlecap (500)
Steel (3)
Wood (5)
rangeIcon range
Local Leader: Rank 2
levelIcon level
Bar (1)

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