Banished from the Institute is a side quest in Fallout 4 that is given for becoming enemies with the Institute.

Quick walkthroughEdit

Side quest: Banished from the Institute
Become an enemy of the Institute.
Return to or escape from the Institute.
Reward: 300 XP
Leads to: Form Ranks

Detailed walkthroughEdit

There are multiple ways to get banished:

To exit the Institute, simply head for the elevator and head up. Look for a bright red button in the room and push it to activate the emergency relay. Walk into the relay and the countdown begins, upon reaching half-way through the countdown, Father will speak over the intercom. If he was killed, an Institute scientist will speak instead, expressing horror at the fact that the Sole Survivor has killed their own son, and tells them to run and promises to kill the player character once found.

If outside of the Institute, return to that location. The Sole Survivor will teleport back to the relay, and Father will speak over the intercom.

Quest stagesEdit

10 Return to the Institute (If outside the Institute)
20 Escape the Institute
200Quest finishedIcon checkCompleted


  • Becoming enemies with the Institute immediately fails Underground Undercover and any active, related Railroad quests and starts Burning Cover instead.
  • If the player character became enemies with the Institute, and they did not complete From Within for the Brotherhood of Steel, then Liberty Reprimed will have additional phases that need to be completed.
  • If the player character became enemies with the Institute and did not yet recruit eight settlements for the Minutemen, the quest Form Ranks will be given.
  • Once completed, the player character can talk to Preston Garvey once Defend the Castle is completed to begin The Nuclear Option for the Minutemen.
  • Completing Ad Victoriam and starting The Nuclear Option for the Brotherhood of Steel will successfully complete Banished from the Institute (and Defend the Castle).
  • If the Sole Survivor is declared an enemy to the Institute, X6-88 will become unrecruitable and will be hostile until he is killed. This can prove to be a problem if he was sent to a settlement, as he may engage the settlers.
  • Killing Father during Nuclear Family will complete the storyline and make the player character become enemies with the Institute.
  • Every named Institute human that is killed will spawn two synths in the room before the relay room. Choosing to kill everybody in the Institute before leaving can make the player character face at least 80 synths at once. [verification overdue]