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The Backyard bunker terminal entries are a series of entries found on a terminal in the Backyard bunker in Fallout 4.

Wayne's terminalEdit


Wayne's Logs

Made it homeEdit


Property of the Tournquist Family

October 26th, 2077

The boys finally cried themselves to sleep. It's been three days since the bombs fell, and everything has gone to shit. Our director up at Medtech got advanced notice and if I hadn't put that code into his terminal that forwarded his logs to me I would have been trapped up there along with everyone else when the lockdown kicked in.

I had to make my way on foot to Malden to get the boys. I'm so proud of them for remembering the plan. Michael managed to get David away from the teachers and they ran and hid like I told them instead of going in that vault. We made it back here into our bunker just as the planes started going over head. We listened to the radio for a while, but then the station cut out. I can still hear gun fire out there. Bonnie, I don't know if you are still out there but I'm praying you are.



Property of the Tournquist Family

November 9th, 2077

Bonnie, it's been two weeks and I wish you were here. I want so badly to head to the hospital to try to find you, but Boston is too dangerous and I can't leave the boys on their own. Little David keeps asking when Mama is coming home, and Michael has started to glare at me when I say that you are still at the hospital helping people. I've been listening to the intermittent reports on the radio after they have gone to bed and I think he overheard one where they were talking about the fighting in the city. It sound likesIn-game spelling, punctuation and/or grammarIcon sic the fighting down there is really bad, I hope you're safe, hon.

The neighborsEdit


Property of the Tournquist Family

January 28th, 2078

It's been three months since the bombs fell. I left the bunker for the first time last night. Our plan to tap into the main from the water tower worked, but the piping took more duct tape than expected and was leaking pretty bad. We didn't have any more in the house so I tried to sneak over to Cobb's house across the street. He was working with the construction crew in the neighborhood so I figured he might have some.

I was in Ron's den, where he'd been working on that Nuka Cola machine, and must not have heard him over the distant gunfire and explosions. There was just that cold barrel pushed up against the back of my head suddenly.

He told me to turn around slowly, and oh god Bonnie, his face. The radiation had hit him hard, his hair was falling out and half his face looked melted. I begged him to stop, but he put the gun in my mouth and cocked back the hammer.

I heard the gunshot, but when I opened my eyes, Ron was falling to the ground, and I spotted Lance from down the street up on our roof. He saw the whole thing and saved my life. Said he's got a plan and to meet him tomorrow night.

Happy BirthdayEdit


Property of the Tournquist Family

April 3, 2078

Happy Birthday Bonnie. I don't know if you are still out there, but it's your 30th so David and Michael made you a cake. It didn't really turn out, but I let them open a can of frosting, which was nice.

The Ames's and I have been busy the past few months. Lance and his brother had been on their way back from vacation to New York with their families when the bombs fell. Took them weeks to make it back here, mostly on foot. They had a plan to build a wall around the neighborhood and after he saved my life, I could hardly say no.

To get the biggest part done at night, we stole a couple of trucks from the Irish Pride Shipyard nearby. I didn't ask how Leon knew how to hotwire a truck. Lance had us pull them around to the edges of the yards to start the wall. Truth be told, I flipped mine and damn near took out the house. It was another month before we had the rest of the wall ready, but we've been keeping watch shifts since then, and the kids all have enjoyed getting to come outside.

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