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This is the transcript of a dialogue or message file, a file which contains the dialogue of a non-player character in a given game or ingame messages related to scripts and items.

This is a dialogue file for Christine.


{100}{}{You see a very beautiful young woman.}
{101}{}{You see Christine, Michael's wife.}
{102}{Christine_001}{Hello? Can I help you?}
{103}{Vault_Dweller_001a}{Who are you?}
{104}{Vault_Dweller_001b}{Who's in charge around here?}
{105}{Vault_Dweller_001c}{Can you tell me a little bit about the area?}
{106}{Vault_Dweller_001d}{No Thanks.}
{107}{Vault_Dweller_001e}{You my Mommie?}
{108}{Christine_002}{My name is Christine, I live here with my husband Michael.}
{109}{Christine_003}{Razor keeps track of most things with the Blades, and helps us organize ourselves.}
{110}{Christine_004}{Michael and I just moved here, so I haven't seem much of the area. I've heard about a large church to the South, but it sounds mostly like rumors.}
{111}{Vault_Dweller_004}{Is there somthing else I should know?}
{112}{Christine_005}{C D E D B D Ducks}
{113}{Vault_Dweller_005}{M R Not Ducks}
{114}{Christine_006}{O S M R C D E D B D Wings}
{115}{Vault_Dweller_006}{Y I B M R Ducks}
{116}{Christine_007}{What else can I help you with?}
{117}{Christine_008}{No I'm not your Mommie. Now run along and play.}

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