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For the same clothing appearing in Fallout Shelter, see BoS uniform.

The BOS uniform is a piece of clothing in Fallout 4.


There are three different variants of this uniform:

  • Orange & gray variant typically worn by Brotherhood power armor users and recon forces.
  • Olive & black variant typically worn by Brotherhood ground troops, paladins, knights with combat armor.
  • Jet black officer variant (named "BOS Officer Uniform") is worn only by Paladin Brandis during certain quests.



  • The BOS uniform allows armor pieces to be worn over it, but it may not be modified at a workbench. All three variants have the same defensive stats, weight, and value.
  • The bomber jacket is a separate piece of armor that consists of the orange uniform with a brown leather jacket.
  • In the Art of Fallout 4, the BoS uniform is described as being designed having a variety of hard points and attachments for interfacing with a PA frame, though it is not necessary for using power armor.
  • This armor has an associated headwear item, the BOS hood. During the intro cinematic, one can see a power armored soldier wearing the BOS hood while he receives repairs with his helmet off, which points to the new BOS uniform being pre-War 'under-armor' for power armor frames, akin to the recon armor from Fallout 3.


  • pcIcon pc BoS uniform (olive) and BoS uniform (orange) may become bugged, wherein all uniforms become of the orange variety, even when added via console.[verified]
    • Corrected by patch as of July 2016.
  • pcIcon pc Storing two different colors of the uniform in any inventory would make them stack together, and all will become orange.[verified]
    • Corrected by patch as of July 2016.


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