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For an overview of minigun models in the Fallout series of games, see Minigun.
Avenger minigun
Fo2 Avenger Minigun
Icon Fo1 minigun
Damage & attacks
damage10 - 14
damage typeNormal
att. modes
Burst(Action PointsIcon action 6, RangeIcon range 40)
ammo type5mm round
ammo cap.120
burst rounds40
strength req.7
hands req.2
weight28 pounds
prototype id00000389

Rockwell designed the Avenger as the replacement for their aging CZ53 Personal Minigun. The Avenger's design improvements include improved, gel-fin, cooling and chromium plated barrel-bores. This gives it a greater range and lethality.

In-game description, Fallout 2

The CZ57 Avenger minigun[1][2] is a big gun in Fallout 2.


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Rockwell designed the 5mm CZ57[1] Avenger[2] as the replacement for their aging CZ53 personal minigun. The Avenger's design improvements include improved gel-fin cooling and chromium plated barrel-bores, giving it a greater range and lethality.[3] It also has an ammo capacity of 120x 5mm round like the earlier versions of the CZ53 model. Later models of CZ57 have a high-speed motor, a cage underneath to put the ammo box and used in combination with a backpack.



  • Because of the ammunition (5mm JHP, not AP) and the number of bullets fired per burst (40), each one having possibility to score a critical, one can achieve the highest possible damage in Fallout 2 using this weapon, by having the right perks (Bonus Ranged Damage (2), Living Anatomy, Better Criticals), attack an un-armored living target (such as a dog) and scoring a critical that multiplies damage by 5, 5000-exceedings have been reported.
  • Interestingly, in v1.02, an Avenger loaded with JHP ammunition always causes no damage to K-9 Cybernetic dog in any indirect (shot through) attack, if K-9 is in company.
  • A remodelled version of the CZ57 Avenger appears in Fallout: New Vegas.
  • The Avenger can become one of deadliest weapons in-game (together with the Bozar) with perks Better Criticals and Sniper (& 10 Luck); making it perform 40 shots, every one critical, each with 20% probability to cause instant death (due to 0-100 -> 20-120 critical hit calculations shift).





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