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Mini-FOT LogoThe following is based on Fallout Tactics and some details might contradict canon.

The auto-cannon is an automated defense system found in the Midwest in the year of 2197.



The auto-cannon is an autonomous defense turret equipped with twin minigun cannons and relatively heavily armored. They are usually part of an automated defense system.

Gameplay attributesEdit

Auto-cannons are indeed fearsome adversaries, and are ever-watchful of their domain. Their dual miniguns spell doom for unwary player characters - especially those with low levels DT. There is hope, however, as auto-cannons are vulnerable - just like most other robots - to electro-magnetic pulses.


Fallout TacticsEdit

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FOT autocannon

In Fallout Tactics, auto-cannon turrets have only one barrel. They either use 7.62mm ammunition, .50 cal ammunition or fire rockets. They are met during the final chapter missions.

Name (Proto ID)StatisticsDT/DRAbilitiesItems
Experience PointsIcon XP
Hit PointsIcon heart
Healing rateIcon healing
Armor ClassIcon shield bronze
SequenceIcon sequence
Action PointsIcon action
Melee DamageIcon melee
Critical chanceIcon chance
Damage Threshold/Damage Resistance: NormalIcon damage
Damage Threshold/Damage Resistance: FireIcon fire
Damage Threshold/Damage Resistance: GasIcon gas
Damage Threshold/Damage Resistance: ExplosiveIcon explosion
Damage Threshold/Damage Resistance: EnergyIcon laser
Damage Threshold/Damage Resistance: ElectricalIcon electrical


Auto-cannons appear in Fallout Tactics.