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The following statistics govern the behavior of creatures and characters in Fallout 3 and Fallout: New Vegas


Governs who and when the character/creature attacks.

Type Description
0 Unaggressive Never attacks under normal circumstances.
1 Aggressive Attacks Enemies on sight.
2 Very Aggressive Attacks all visible Enemies and Neutrals.
3 Frenzied Attacks everything.


Governs whether the character/creature assists Allies and Friends in combat.

Type Description
0 Helps Nobody Does not help anyone.
1 Helps Allies Only helps Allies.
2 Helps Friends Helps all Friends and Allies.


Governs how likely the character/creature avoids/flees from threats.

Type Description
0 Cowardly Avoids/flees. The actor NEVER engages in combat under any circumstances.
1 Cautious Avoids/flees from threats that are weaker than the character/creature.
2 Average Avoids/flees from threats that are stronger than the character/creature.
3 Brave Avoids/flees from threats only if severely outmatched.
4 Foolhardy Does not flee or avoid anyone.

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