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Gametitle-FO4 AUT
Gametitle-FO4 AUT

The assaultron blade is a melee weapon that is added to Fallout 4 with the Automatron add-on.


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An Assaultron Dominator arm blade dismounted and then made into a usable melee weapon. The handle appears to be made from components of an Assaultron's lower arm, with a grip wrapped in black electrical cable insulation. The weapon is similarly sized to a Machete but with a heavier blade that deals increased damage at a slower speed.

Weapon modificationsEdit

Slot Mod Description Weapon prefix Damage per hit changeIcon damage Weight changeIcon weight Weapon value change in capsIcon merchant Perk needed Components Base ID
Upgrade No upgrade Steel x2 xx000000
Electrified Adds Electrical damage. Electrified +15 energyIcon electrical +50 Blacksmith 2
Science! 1
Adhesive x4
Aluminum x8
Circuitry x3
Rubber x3



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