That sounds fair enough. The technology from the Vaults can fetch a pretty good price down here in the Hub.Martha Rastello

Ask Water Merchant to help is an unmarked quest in Fallout.

Quick walkthroughEdit

Side Quest: Ask Water Merchant to help
Go to the Water Merchants in the Hub.
Speak to Martha Rastello.
Pay 2000 caps for the water caravans.
Reward: 1000 XP
100 more days to find the chip

Detailed walkthroughEdit

To complete this quest, the Vault Dweller needs to go to the Water Merchants in the Hub and pay the master merchant, Martha Rastello, 2000 caps to supply Vault 13 with water. The Vault Dweller may be able to secure a better price of 1000 or even 500 caps, providing they can convince her the vault can sufficiently supplement the lower payment.[1] After securing the deal, the time limit for finding the water chip will be increased by 100 days and it will also have an impact later in the game.



In the unpatched version (v1.0) of the game, the quest would also reduce the Vault 13 invasion time limit by 100 days. Since the time limit was removed by later patches by giving 13 years to complete, this became irrelevant. Thus, the only real reward in patched games is the experience.


    Supply water/2000 caps - Lines {137} and {140}
    1000/500 caps - Lines {142}, {143} and {150}-{153}