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Ashmaker is a unique minigun in Fallout 4.


Ashmaker's unique quality is the Incendiary effect, which sets targets on fire and inflicts an additional fifteen points of damage. The bullets produce orange tracers when fired.

Weapon modificationsEdit

Slot Mod Description Damage per shot changeIcon damage Fire rate changeIcon attack Range change Accuracy changeIcon spread Magazine capacity (shots per reload) changeAssault carbine extended magazines Weight changeIcon weight Weapon value change in capsIcon merchant Perk needed Components Base ID
Barrel Standard barrel Adhesive x4
Gears x9
Oil x6
Screw x8
Spring x8
Steel x12
Accelerated barrel Improved damage and rate of fire. Inferior range and accuracy. +1 +41 -36 -9 -4.5 +45 Gun Nut 3 Adhesive x8
Gears x16
Oil x8
Screw x10
Spring x10
Steel x13
Tri barrel Inferior rate of fire. Better damage, range, accuracy, and recoil. +3 -95 +48 +7 +2.7 +75 Gun Nut 4 Adhesive x10
Aluminum x18
Gears x18
Oil x12
Screw x12
Spring x14
Sights Standard sights Standard. Steel x2 00000000
Gunner sight Better focus and sighted accuracy. +12 +1.3 +68 Adhesive x6
Glass x4
Steel x6
Muzzle No muzzle
Shredder Superior bash. Inferior range. -18 +4.5 +60 Gun Nut 2 Adhesive x4
Screw x5
Steel x7


Ashmaker is gained by completing The Big Dig, regardless of dialogue choices when confronted by Fahrenheit. Fahrenheit will reward the player character with it if they can convince Bobbi No-Nose to leave peacefully or if they kill Bobbi. Otherwise, the weapon can be looted from Fahrenheit if the player character sides with Bobbi.


  • It is not possible to pickpocket Ashmaker from Fahrenheit even with the highest-level pickpocket perk and syringer assistance (likely due to the way it is awarded; Fahrenheit is not actually holding the weapon at the time).
  • Fahrenheit is an essential NPC, with the exception of the interaction during the events of The Big Dig.
  • Ashmaker is unable to be renamed at a weapons workbench because it is given to the player character as a leveled list, not with a unique ID. This particular idiosyncrasy is shared by only two other weapons - the Survivor's Special, and the Silver submachine gun.
  • Killing Fahrenheit before she has Ashmaker equipped during The Big Dig might result in Ashmaker not being obtainable.

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