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Ascorti's Ace and City Hall is a casino and de facto seat of government in Redding. It offers gambling facilities and a place to convert one's loot into cash and is owned by mayor Ascorti.


The majority of the building is made up of the gambling floor, which features two craps tables and rows of poker machines along the walls.

The rest of the building is made up of Ascorti's office and the money room, behind two locked and guarded doors. The money room opens onto the gambling floor via a barred window, which allows prospective gamblers to exchange loot for cash without being able to access the locked footlocker. Several guards ensure the security of customers and of the mayor himself.

Notable lootEdit

  • Guns and Bullets - In Ascorti's office, in the casino. Either lockpick the door, or go down the outside well, then come up in the back room.


Ascorti's Ace and City Hall appears only in Fallout 2.


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