Art Appreciation is a miscellaneous quest in Fallout 4.

Quick walkthroughEdit

Miscellaneous quest: Art Appreciation
Talk with Hancock and ask him for work.
Go to Pickman Gallery.
Recover the holotape Message to Jack.
Return to Hancock.
Reward: 150+ XP
Up to 400 caps

Detailed walkthroughEdit

Talk with John Hancock in Goodneighbor and ask him for work. He will offer the Sole Survivor a reconnaissance job to scope out Pickman Gallery. For services rendered, he offers a base sum of caps but can be convinced to increase the amount with speech checks.

Go to Pickman Gallery, located northwest of Old North Church. Raiders will be found around the outside and inside of the gallery, all looking for Pickman. Fight through them to the room immediately left of the entrance. Take the holotape titled "Message to Jack" off of a dead raider in the middle of the room, which is all Hancock will need. Exploring the rest of the gallery and killing the raiders is optional.

Return to Hancock and speak to him, initiating related dialogue where he learns what he wanted to and is pleased with the player character's work. He will then reward an amount of caps dependent of how many or if any speech checks were passed.

Quest stagesEdit

10 Investigate Pickman Gallery
20 Return to Hancock
100Quest finishedIcon checkQuest complete
500Quest failedIcon crossQuest failed - Hancock dead


  • The quest Pickman's Gift runs concurrent with this one. They can be seamlessly done together by starting this quest first.
  • If he becomes available as a companion between accepting and turning in this quest, Hancock will indicate mild annoyance at having been brought to the gallery when he was paying you to scout it out, but it will not affect the agreed upon reward. This dialogue will trigger even if the investigation was completed without Hancock ever setting foot in the gallery. However, the dialogue to describe what it was like will not be available.
  • The dialogue you choose when describing everything to Hancock affects companion affinity:
    • Danse likes saying it was horrific, dislikes saying it was beautiful, and hates being sarcastic about it.
    • Deacon likes saying it was horrific, hates saying it was beautiful, and likes being sarcastic.
    • MacCready likes when you're sarcastic.
    • Cait likes being sarcastic.
    • Piper likes saying it was horrific, dislikes saying it was beautiful, and is neutral towards being sarcastic about it.
  • Failing the initial speech check asking for more caps will irritate Hancock and he will give you less caps than he originally offered.


pcIcon pc ps4Icon ps4 xboxoneIcon xboxone This quest will become inaccessible if the player has already completed The Big Dig and gained Hancock as a companion. [verified]

  • pcIcon pc On PC it can be force started by using the command SetStage <001120de> <10>, although this may not work. However, Hancock will express dislike at having to go with the player upon their return, regardless of whether he did or not. This method also means the player cannot earn the potential 400 caps reward, since the speech checks are removed with the quest once Hancock has become a companion. The quest becomes available again after completing the quest Trouble Brewin', even if Hancock is the current companion, and all speech checks will be available.
  • pcIcon pc On PC a better way to solve this problem:
    1. Move both Hancock and your character to Goodneighbor, dismiss him if he is current follower.
    2. Run command 22615.SetFactionRank a1b85 -1 to set Hancock to the default non-companion state.
    3. Hancock should now have the dialogue option to start this quest. Finish this quest normally.
    4. Run command 22615.SetFactionRank a1b85 0 to add Hancock back to available companions.