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For an overview of various Vault jumpsuits in the Fallout series of games, see Vault jumpsuit.
FalloutShelterAppleStoreLogoThe following is based on Fallout Shelter and some details might contradict canon.

A standard Vault Suit modified for the rigors of the Wastes.

— In-game description

The armored vault suit is a common outfit in Fallout Shelter.


The armored vault suit is a direct upgrade from the common Vault Suit, it includes a leather chest piece/protector, a sort of shoulder pauldron, and wrist protectors. It is a direct upgrade as it enhances a dwellers perception by +3 points. It is common that players will equip all or the majority of dwellers in water production rooms with these, as it greatly increases water production times.



Name Effects Value Rarity
Armored vault suit +3 Perception 10 common
Sturdy vault suit +5 Perception 100 rare
Heavy vault suit +7 Perception 500 legendary



A high Perception statistic is needed to effectively create the armored vault suit.

Yarn (1)
rangeIcon range
Caps x5
levelIcon level
Armored vault suit (1)


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