Arlington House

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Arlington House
Arlington house
Icon building
part ofArlington Cemetery
ownersJunders Plunkett
other exitsArlington Cemetery
Mama Dolce's
cell nameArlingtonorigin (exterior)
zArlingtonHouse (interior)
ref id0004c5d9 (exterior)
000cc067 (interior)
Arlington Cemetery map

Arlington House is a medium sized house in the center of Arlington Cemetery.



The Arlington House can be accessed from the Arlington Cemetery, which in turn can be accessed from several metro tunnels in the surrounding area.


In the basement, there is a shrine to Abraham Lincoln, complete with flowers and wine. Should the Lawbringer perk has been taken, Junders Plunkett will be residing here as well, and will attack any intruders should he find them inside the house. Plunkett will most likely be found in the basement, and will run upstairs if he detects intruders. Junders has the unique Plunkett's Valid Points, and upon death, Junders Plunkett's finger, which can be turned in for 1,000 caps at the Regulator HQ.

Notable lootEdit


  • This house makes for good player housing, due to its size and the fact that its containers do not reset. However, if the Lawbringer perk is added after the initial visit to the house, the first aid box near the bed in the basement will respawn, erasing previously stored items.
  • The photo of President Lincoln in the shrine is actually an enlarged version of the exhibit info plates at the Lincoln Memorial. The writing can be seen by standing on the far left side of the shrine and looking between the picture and the wood frame or by going to the far right of the shrine and looking in between the wood panels right beside the dresser.
  • The offerings of flowers and liquor would indicate that Lincoln's reputation has been canonized by the wastelanders to the level of a deity.
  • The radio in the basement will only appear if the Lawbringer perk has been taken, and Junders Plunkett is in the house.
  • There is a safe with a small amount of caps behind the dresser in the upstairs bedroom on the west corner.


Arlington House appears only in Fallout 3.

Behind the scenesEdit

Arlington House is actually the former home of Confederate General Robert E. Lee. The in-game version bears no resemblance to the actual building and retains a look more similar to the traditional suburban houses of the Capital Wasteland.


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