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Arlington Cemetery
Arlington Cemetery
Icon metro
Arlington House in the center
Arlington Cemetery loc
map markerArlington Cemetery North
Arlington Cemetery South
Mama Dolce's
part ofWashington, D.C.
buildingsArlington House
Mama Dolce's
metro exitsArlington/Wasteland Metro
Arlington utility
Arlington/Falls Church Metro
cell nameArlingtonCementery01 (cemetery)
ArlingtonCementeryEntrance (a. ut.)
MamaDolceFactory (A/FCM entr.)
ref id000a55e5 (cemetery)
000a55cf (arlington ut.)
000a55e8 (A/FCM entr.)
Arlington Cemetery map

Arlington Cemetery is most of what remains of the Arlington district, including Arlington National Cemetery. To the south is Mama Dolce's food industry and in the center there is the Arlington House. Before the bombs fell, many of the country's war heroes were buried beneath this soil. Now, it is an empty spot on the map, mostly devoid of life. The Arlington/Wasteland Metro, located south of Wilhelm's Wharf, opens to Arlington Cemetery.


After exiting from the Flooded metro station, it is necessary to walk up a slight incline before being able to see the cemetery properly. To the west is Arlington House, which holds Junders Plunkett if the Lawbringer perk is active. At the end of the map area is Mama Dolce's, which contains several Chinese remnant soldiers.


Notable lootEdit


  • East of the Arlington house toward the central structure (four brown-yellow muses) with four benches surrounding it, there is a tombstone that has blooming flowers in front of it, and two more to the north of that one, and a third farther east from the structure. Needless to say, this is a very rare sight in the Capital Wasteland.
  • There is a Pulowski Preservation shelter near the Arlington Cemetery North Metro station. Inside is a female statue, a wine bottle, some shot glasses and sexy sleepwear.
  • If the player has taken the Lawbringer perk there is a dead regulator with Junders Plunkett's wanted notice, as well as a Regulator duster when entering from the northern Metro station.


Arlington Cemetery appears only in Fallout 3.


Interactive mapEdit

Arlington National Cemetery

Arlington National Cemetery

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