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Arena contestant platforms are constructible objects in the Fallout 4 add-on Wasteland Workshop.


Built from wood and steel, the arena team platforms are used to assign settlers to a team to fight in arena combat. Multiple platforms of each color can be built to assign several settlers to a single team. The quitting time siren is used in conjunction with the platforms to let settlers know when combat has ended.

There are two variations of platform: One for the blue team and one for the red team.


  • Only one settler can be assigned to a single platform, however multiple platforms can be built to increase the size of the corresponding team.
  • Hostile creatures and people cannot be assigned to team platforms.
  • Aside from entertainment fights, the arena contestant platforms can be used for public executions, if you are roleplaying a particularly evil or ruthless warlord. Normally you cannot just shoot a synth infiltrator or a malcontent without the entire town turning on you. The arena platforms allow you to get rid of undesirables legally: assign a well-armed "executioner" settler to the red platform, the unarmed victim to the blue one, and start the fight.


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