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You're right, they weren't here when we discovered Nellis! We found the guns at a huge weapon depot called Area 2, many miles from here!


Area 2 is a part of the Nevada test site mentioned by the Boomers.


According to Pete at Nellis Air Force Base, Area 2 was a huge military depot in Nevada, located many miles away from the Nellis AFB. The Boomers obtained their Howitzers and ammunition for them from it, dragging them across the Mojave Wasteland to Nellis AFB over several weeks.

Behind the scenesEdit

  • Area 2 is part of Nevada Test and Training Range (NTTR) in the Mojave Desert, adjacent to Area 1 Nellis Air Force Base's Airfield, located next to (and rumored to be under) Sunrise Mountain, 8 miles north-east of the city of Las Vegas, about 2 miles north-east from Sunrise Mountain Township (the real-world location of Vault 34).
  • Like Area 51, Area 2 is a secret facility, but secret for a different reason: Nellis AFB is one of the three nuclear weapons repositories for the United States Air Force's Strategic Air Command fleet of nuclear bombers, Area 2 is the facility where the weapons are stored in readiness. Area 2 was also the repository where nuclear weapons were stored before being tested at Nevada National Security Site (N2S2) (formerly; Nevada Test Site (NTS)) until the United States signed the comprehensive nuclear weapons test-ban, ending the tests.


Area 2 is mentioned only in Fallout: New Vegas.

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