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Archetype Model FF06 Mainframe is a sort of mainframe mentioned in Fallout 3.


B. Bell, the research leader of the Museum of Technology in 2077 mentions that a virus has been plaguing the Archetype Model FF06 Mainframe of the museum. He and his research team however managed to identify and localize the virus after which it was completely cleaned up on the mainframe's core, was again free of any infections.[1]


The Archetype Model FF06 Mainframe is mentioned only in Fallout 3.

Behind the scenesEdit

The name of the Archetype Model FF06 Mainframe is a reference to the metal band Fear Factory. "FF" is an acronym of Fear Factory. "Archetype" is the title of their most popular song, while the lines "The infection has been removed... the soul of this machine has improved" are lyrics verbatim to the song "Archetype." Furthermore, the author of the notes, Research Lead "B. Bell" is a reference to Fear Factory's lead vocalist, Burton C. Bell.


  1. Museum of Technology terminal entries - Research Lead's terminal - Log Entry 20770103

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