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The Aqua Pura delivery program was the trade and delivery of Aqua Pura in the Capital Wasteland in 2277, following the Battle of Project Purity.


After Project Purity was activated, the Capital Wasteland Brotherhood of Steel quickly set up an agreement with the Rivet City Council, negotiating their assistance in the delivery of the purified water to the settlements throughout the wasteland, forming the Water Distribution Network. Rivet City security was then enlisted to escort wasteland scavengers and tradesmen across their travels to settlements in order to trade the water. Led by a scribe named Bigsley at the Jefferson Memorial, and Rivet City's side led by an officer named Lepelletier, the difficulties with the deliveries, combined with the Brotherhood-Enclave War, were taking their toll. Many caravans never reported back in from their journeys, and others excessively complained about the conditions. Many personnel were incompetent, with some Brotherhood of Steel initiates failing their cartography training and therefore unable to read a map.

Several groups and wastelander syndicates were formed in order to steal their own share of the water, since the Brotherhood refused to give the water to raiders, slavers, and other nefarious types. They additionally refused to give the water to ghouls, claiming that it was a waste since they had no need for fresh water. Bigsley however was a shady character, and agreed to give an Underworld ghoul named Griffon barrels of Aqua Pura after he offered to pay for them. The Brotherhood was split on their opinions of the matter, with some wanting to sell the water, and others claiming there are more important things, as well as that some soldiers saw the Brotherhood as unable to handle the delivery program.

The Lone Wanderer could have assisted the issues with the program, by resolving the issue of members of the Church of the Children of Atom and the Apostles of the Holy Light stealing and poisoning Megaton's Aqua Pura shipments, as well as an organized syndicate led by a man named Split Jack ambushing caravans with the goal of deceiving and blackmailing Rivet City for their protection services should they reluctantly give up the delivery program.

Should the Brotherhood have won their war with the Enclave, and that the water was not poisoned with Eden's modified FEV, the delivery program would likely have balanced itself and became smoother, with morale raised, higher resources for use on the program, and increased effort being placed on increasing the safety of the Capital Wasteland's wilderness in-between settlements.

The mercenary organization Talon Company began ambushing Aqua Pura caravans, however, they were caught, and the Brotherhood launched an attack against their main headquarters, Fort Bannister, with the goal of destroying all personnel and eliminating Commander Jabsco. The outcome of the battle is unknown.


The Aqua Pura delivery program appears in the Fallout 3 add-on Broken Steel.