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The Antique Lincoln coin collection is found in the Museum of History Offices, Library section (2 stories with turret), in a room on the eastern side of the top floor.


Once you reach the top of the stairs continue east until you're in the hall. Take a left and then a right then another left. It should be in the bookcase on the middle shelf. In reality, these are pre-War pennies. The Prima-published official game guide mistakenly lists this item as being in a room on the western side of the same floor.

Related questsEdit

Lincoln's Profit Margins - can be sold to Leroy Walker, Hannibal Hamlin, or Abraham Washington.


The original official game guide mistakenly listed this item as being in a room on the western side of the same floor, while its actual location is in the east.[1] This was corrected in the Game of the Year Edition guide.[2]



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