Anti-mutant conspiracy

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He's been ruling here ever since the Master was destroyed. He puts down anyone who disagrees with him... or they just "disappear." The place looks civilized on the top of things, but the truth is that it's a killing ground for bloodthirsty mutants.

Jacob the Chemist

The anti-mutant conspiracy is an organization in Fallout 2 whose goal is to rid Broken Hills of super mutants. They attempted to kill Francis, but failed, as he managed to kill all of his attackers.


The group is led by Jacob the Chemist, which is ironic, seeing as how he was named after Marcus's original best friend, Jacob, of the Brotherhood of Steel. Members include Jacob's wife, Aileen, Manson, and Franc. Liz also has a hand in trying to rid of the mutants.


For more information, on how the anti-mutant conspiracy affects the ending of Fallout 2, see Fallout 2 endings.

The Chosen One has the choice between stopping or aiding the cause of the mutant conspiracy. To aid the mutant conspiracy, the player can complete two quests, Break Manson and Franc out of prison and Blow up the mine's air purifier. Doing the latter affects Broken Hill's ending of the game. Alternatively, to thwart the group, the player can put Jacob and his wife in jail by accepting either of the quests, then warning Marcus, the mutant sheriff, about their plans. Doing this, or finding the people who attempted to kill Francis, will change Broken Hill's ending.

If the player chooses to help the group, then Broken Hills will try to thrive after the destruction of the mine. However, they will fail, and Broken Hills will eventually disperse. If the player stopped the group, than Broken Hills will do well until the uranium runs out, after which they will disperse and, if still alive, Marcus will head east (this ending is canon). If the player did nothing, then the group and other bigoted humans in the town will attack the mutants, ghouls, and non-bigoted humans. It is unknown if they win, but whoever wins will blow up the mine and leave Broken Hills.

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