Anti-materiel rifle (GRA)

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Gametitle-FNV GRA
Gametitle-FNV GRA

The anti-materiel rifle (GRA) is a weapon in the Fallout: New Vegas add-on, Gun Runners' Arsenal.


The anti-materiel rifle is a magazine-fed, bolt-action .50 caliber rifle that is designed for use against military targets and equipment (or "materiel" in military language). The GRA variant is similar in design principle to that of a sniper rifle, delivering a high-power shot at long distances with great accuracy. It is specially chambered with a larger caliber for hardened targets and as such has extremely high damage and low weapons spread, and is pre-scoped with a magnification level 3.13x. The damage benefits of the rifle are offset by the fact that it is bolt-action, greatly lowering the rate of fire and resulting in a low damage-per-second; the weapon itself without modifications weighs in at 20 pounds, makes it one of the heaviest shoulder-fired weapons in the game. The gun's recoil is extreme, causing the shot to push you back a few inches.

The Gun Runners' Arsenal variant differs from the standard anti-materiel rifle in that it was specially constructed by the Gun Runners to accept weapon modifications.


The anti-materiel rifle (GRA) can fire a total of about 470 standard rounds, the equivalent of 59 reloads, from full condition before breaking.

Ammunition typeDurability
Standard, AP, match, incendiary & explosive47059



Icon cut contentThe following is based on Fallout: New Vegas cut content and has not been confirmed by canon sources.
Icon cut contentEnd of information based on Fallout: New Vegas cut content.


Weapon name (current weapon is highlighted)Icon gunDamage per attack (damage per projectile)Icon damageDamage per secondIcon dpsAttacks per secondIcon attackCritical Chance % multiplierIcon chanceCritical damageIcon critical damageAction Point costIcon actionDamage per action pointIcon dapWeapon spreadIcon spreadMagazine capacity (shots per reload)Assault carbine extended magazinesDurability (number of attacks before breaking)Icon repairWeightIcon weightValue in capsIcon merchantValue to weight ratioIcon ratioSkill requiredIcon abilityStrength requiredIcon fist
Anti-materiel rifle 110
Anti-materiel rifle fnvgraGametitle-FNV GRA110
Anti-materiel rifle With all weapon mods attachedIcon plus fnvgraGametitle-FNV GRA110



  • This variant costs ten more action points to use in V.A.T.S than the standard variant.
  • If the Trigger Discipline trait is taken, the rifle's custom bolt cancels out the decreased firing speed penalty.
  • Even when upgraded with modifications, this rifle is still not technically 'silenced'. However, missing a target will still sometimes alert enemies to the player's presence, unlike other rifles such as Christine's COS silencer rifle.
  • Utilizing the Heavyweight perk and the carbon fiber parts modification, this weapon's weight can be reduced to 6.5 pounds, making it one pound heavier than a varmint rifle, and two pounds lighter than a service rifle. This makes it a dependable weapon in most situations, and will significantly increase the weapon's desirability for players who wish to travel light.
  • Just like the regular Anti-materiel rifle, when shooting this gun, the recoil is extremely strong, even moving the player back a few inches.


  • pcIcon pc xbox360Icon xbox360 When attempting to purchase the gun from the Gun Runner's Vendortron no matter the amount of caps in your inventory, it may gray out the purchase price of the rifle as if you don't have enough.
  • ps3Icon ps3 pcIcon pc Sometimes, when dropped with all modifications, the rifle will appear as if no modifications were added.
  • xbox360Icon xbox360 Sometimes, even if you have the mods, you will not be allowed to put them on the gun.




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