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The AntAgonizer's costume and the matching The AntAgonizer's helmet are worn by the AntAgonizer, who is one of the two superheroes fighting in Canterbury Commons in the Capital Wasteland.


The AntAgonizer's armor is strongly inspired by ants, with shoulder pads, greaves and armguards resembling a giant ant's carapace, and the helmet having insectoid eyes and matching antennae. It gives a decent DR of 20 and gives a +1 bonus to Agility, although it's fairly heavy at 15 lbs and gives a penalty of 1 in Charisma.


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They can be obtained from the AntAgonizer either through negotiation or by killing her. If Uncle Roe has asked for a solution to the town's "Superhero" problem, the AntAgonizer's costume can be handed over to the Mechanist to end the town's problems. Alternatively, wearing the costume in the Mechanist' presence will turn him hostile. When the costume is given to the Mechanist, he will hand over the unique laser pistol, Protectron's Gaze.

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  • Wearing helmet or armor does not affect the behavior of ants.
  • Wearing the costume out in the world can randomly prompt a child to appear and ask for an autograph.
  • The helmet can be worn with glasses (e.g. the lucky shades) but the appearance is unchanged. (Except for with the ghoul mask, which can be seen in the mouth hole.)
  • The costume cannot be repaired by the player character, but non-player characters such as Crow, Doc Hoff, and Lucky Harith can be paid to repair it.


pcIcon pc If you hot key the helmet and equip it via the hot key, it will appear completely black, with no textures or shading, the only way to fix this is to place it into a container and then take it back out later. [verified]

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