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This is a transcript for dialogue with Anne Hargraves.


1-00083AEFIs that it?
2Go on. Say something.


4WRVRAnneAfterMS10000F47BD{impressed / Grateful} It was quite a feat to rescue Rex from those super mutants.Player Default: I was just glad I got there in time.A
5001A8AFBPlayer Default: I was just glad I got there in time.{Happy} So am I. Are you blushing? That's so adorable.A1a
6001A8AFAPlayer Default: Rex was a fool. I should have left him to die there.{disappointed / Apologetic} Rex is... Rex. This isn't the first time we've had to save him from himself.B1a
7{Grateful} We'll try to keep him safe from now on.B1b
8001A8AF9Player Default: All in a days work for the hero of the Commonwealth.{Sarcastic} My, aren't you the modest one.X1a
9{giving the player the brush off / Nervous} Well, we've got a radio play to write.X1b
10{disdain / Sarcastic} You probably have more important things to do.X1c
11001A8AF8Player Default: So what do you do here?{a touch of pride / Amused} I play all the women's roles in our plays.Y1a
12{you understand / Apologetic} I used to be a seamstress, but there isn't much call for costumes in a radio play.Player Default: I was just glad I got there in time.Y1b
13Player Default: So what do you do here?{Surprised} George? I don't think so. He's not my type.Y2a
14WRVRAnneJoinWorkshop001A8AFC{Thinking} That does sound interesting. Okay, I'll do it.A1a
15{Happy} I think I'll enjoy making clothing again.A1b
16{Puzzled} What the hell are you talking about?A2a
17WRVRAnneWorried000F47BD{Worried} I'm worried about Rex. Those super mutants are so brutal.Player Default: I'm sure he can handle himself.A
18000F47BCPlayer Default: I'm sure he can handle himself.{yeah right / Depressed} Rex? How would you know? You've never met him.A1a
19{Depressed} He's well intentioned, but he's a fool. A great, grand fool.A1b
20000F47BBPlayer Default: Forget him. He'll be dead soon.{a cold anger, not a hot one / Angry} That's a cold thing to say.B1a
21{Defiant} Rex is my friend and mentor. I'm not going wash my hands of him just like that.B1b
22000F47BAPlayer Default: You don't know how this will turn out.{hopeful / Nervous} I can only hope and pray that he somehow makes it out of this alive.X1a
23000F47B9Player Default: I suppose you want me to go help him?{Grateful} Why thank you for offering. I'm ever so grateful.Player Default: I'm sure he can handle himself.Y1a
24Player Default: I suppose you want me to go help him?{remembering fondly / Amused} I used to make the costumes for our plays, back when we still put on live shows.Y2a
25{wistful for losing that opportunity / Concerned} But that became too dangerous. So now I'm just one of the actors in Rex's radio plays.Player Default: I'm sure he can handle himself.Y2b
26Player Default: I suppose you want me to go help him?{embarrassed / Apologetic} What? George? No. I'm mean he's nice enough and all, but no.Y3a
27WRVRIntroScene000AF8DD{Worried} George. Rex is in trouble. Didn't you hear him on the radio?George: For the tenth time, yes.A1a
28-000F47BEI'm Anne Hargreaves. George and Rex and I run this radio station.
29We put on some wonderful radio plays. You should listen some time.
30{Worried} I wish you could meet Rex too, but he went and got himself in trouble. Again.
31000F47ACI really should study my lines.
32Some fresh flowers would brighten this place up.
33Now where did I put my script.