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For the Fallout 4 trophy/achievement, see Animal Control (achievement).

You handle animals really well when they are dead and gain a damage bonus against the living ones.

Animal Control is a challenge perk in Fallout: New Vegas.


This perk applies a small (3/6/10%) damage bonus against mutated animals (mole rats, geckos, etc.).


  • This perk has three ranks; each rank provides an additional bonus and requires 50/100/150 animals to be killed to earn it.


  • pcIcon pc Perk progress freezes at 20/50 animals.[verified]
    • Appears to be fixed as of patch
  • xbox360Icon xbox360 When the 3rd rank of this perk is achieved, the pop-up message may give a ridiculous number (such as 3940517670000000000...) as the perk rank instead of 3.[verified]

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